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This page is a forum for visitors to the site to contribute your own stories about how YOU have been adversely affected by the rulings of Colorado’s rogue supreme court.  Have your property taxes gone up because of the recent Mill Levy Tax ‘Freeze’ ruling?  Has your business or other property been seized by abuse of eminent domain sanctioned by this court? Or have you been affected in some other way?

Colorado Supreme Court rulings aren’t just dry, academic legal decisions  – they impact real people, causing real pain.  Write your own comments below:

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  • angie lovato says:

    Worst Judge is Dennis Hall of Jefferson County Colorado division 5 he sentenced my son to 16yrs in Prison for a case from 2009 the case was unfair my son plead guilty to this case because he was coerced to pleaing to this deal or they will give him more years if he took this case to trial my son was not the shooter in this case they also did not have any evidence he shot at victim its just the victim says he did because the victim and my sons dad had an argument and my son and his dad have the same full name SR. and Jr. so the victim knew this and in order to get even with the dad he blames my son for shooting at him which we all know who the shooter is but no one wants to say my son is a good person has 3 little girls and at sentencing court the DA did not have all the facts in my sons case they did not do a new investigation they used same info that convicted his dad in his trial in 2009 they had no gun, no residue, did not question other 2 guys there and actually one of them was the shooter but they are no where to be found so basically my son is doing time for nothing the DA just wanted to get it over with and never really tried to get this case right we wrote letters to the judge and spoke at sentencing and this was a waste of time because judge said himself he has no heart he has to sentence according to the case no one hurt in this case and they lied about where the incident happened also the so called victim NOAH GRAF is a habitual criminal and is now serving time in prison for a recent crime spree my son has no criminal record. The DA could have offered a better deal for my son but she didnt take the time to review the case carefully and investigate so now my 3 young grandaughters have to live without they daddy for awhile it was hard for my son to take this deal cause he knows he did not do this and his dad did not speak up tell the truth he was sentenced back in 2009 to 40 yrs he thought he would win his trial he also is a habitual offender well I hope the judge sleeps good at night for the rest of his life knowing that he locked up an innocent man that has 3 young daughters who have to live with out him now and you read this mr hall yes its mr hall not your honor cause you are no one to honor i hope this haunts you til the day you die you are not true justice in Gods eyes you are the enemy you should of had a heart you chose the hear say lies of a convicted long time criminal NOAH GRAF whos name is all over the news for his crimes you chose him his lies to lock up my innocent son, a father, a husband, a good person who serves the lord with no criminal record WHY??? YOU ACTUALLY DONT KNOW THE REAL REASON WHY? BECAUSE YOUR DA NICOLE BOZARTH IS INCOMPETENT OF DOING HER JOB YOU BOTH ARE CORRUPTED INTO THE SYSTEM I KNOW SHE HAS 2 LITTLE KIDS AND ONE DAY SHE WILL FEEL THE SAME PAIN I FEEL WHEN HER CHILD IS LOCKED UP AND SHE WILL PROBABLY BE THE ONE TO HAVE TO LOCK THEM UP I BLAME THE DA AND YOU JUDGE MR HALL FOR NOT READING THE FACTS RIGHT ANY DUMBASS ON THE STREET CAN READ AND SEE THE VIDEOS AND REPORTS AND KNOW THIS CASE HAS SO MANY MISTAKES FOR ONE THING THE OTHER SO CALLED VICTIM MRS SOFIA SALIMAS LIED FOR NOAH GRAF SHE WAS NOT AT THE INCIDENT WITH HIM HE HAD HER MEET HIM WHEN HE MADE THE CALL TO POLICE HE PAID HER TO LIE HE WAS SEVERAL DIFFERENT MEN WHEN INCIDENT HAPPENED WHY DO YOU THINK SHE WAS CRYING AT DADS TRIAL CAUSE SHE KNEW SHE WAS LYING UNDER OATH AND SHE DIDNT WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH MY SONS CASE SHOULD OF PUT HER ON A LIE DETECTOR OR TOLD HER YOU WERE I BET SHE WOULD OF CRIED OUT THE TRUTH ITS OK CAUSE I BELIEVE IN KARMA ON ALL OF YOU THIS WILL EAT AT YOUS ALL THE REST OF YOUR LIVES SO MOTE IT BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Denise A. R. Vosburgh says:

    In Colorado the Probate court system is fed by “Adult Protective Services” so as to rob seniors of their assets. It is very systematic and can lead to criminalizing family caregivers in order to justify actions. Magistrates are either corrupt of not watching carefully enough.

  • Today, the Colorado Judicial Performance Commission came out with the recommendations for retention of 129 judges. I was particularly interested in the recommendation of Chief Judge Carlos Seymour of Arapahoe County. Here is the link to his retention review:
    It is disheartening as the review indicates that a timely comment that I sent in was not considered even though it was sent to numerous persons associated with the Commission including the Commissioners themselves via the Court Administrator.
    Below, please find my extensive comments as presented to the Commission:

    Public Comment concerning the retention of the 18th Judicial District Chief Justice
    Carlos Armando Samour, Jr.

    March 29, 2016
    Due date: April 1, 2016
    RE: Comment concerning Chief Judge Carlos Samour, Jr. for retention as judge in Colorado 18th Judicial District by the Colorado Judicial Performance Commission.
    Submitted by:
    Mr. Peter Coulter
    151 Summer Street #654,
    Morrison, Colorado, 80465.
    Location of Court:
    Arapahoe County 18th Judicial District Court,
    7325 South Potomac Street,
    Centenial, Colorado 80112.
    Date(s) of Interaction:
    1. First time contacted, no response: July, 2014. Resent letter that was previously addressed to the past Chief Justice, William Sylvester concerning behavior and acts of Judge Pratt , Judge Cross, Magistrate Burns and Head Clerk Tammy Herivel and attorney G. Raymond Goodwin.
    2. Second time contacted: August 2015. Concerning picketing and protest at the Arapahoe County Justice Center. Clerk gave us directive of Judge Samour that pickets were not allowed on Court grounds.
    3. Third time contacted, no response: March, 2016. Again requesting permission to picket/protest on Arapahoe County Justice Center grounds pursuant to Federal Court Order that found identical directive, directly copied by Denver Chief Justice Michael Martinez, unconstitutional by Federal Court District Judge Martinez.

    The Colorado Constitution, Article 6 [Judicial Department] Section 5 [Personnel of Court-Department-Chief Justice]; subsection 4 states as follows:
    (4) The chief justice [of the Supreme Court] shall appoint from the district judges of each judicial district a chief judge to serve at the pleasure of the chief justice. A chief judge shall receive no additional salary by reason of holding such position. Each chief judge shall have and exercise such administrative powers over all judges of all courts within his district as may be delegated to him by the chief justice.
    The protocol for all Chief District Court judges in Colorado states:
    In addition to maintaining a docket, as chief judge, Samour will be responsible for appointing the district administrator, chief probation officer, and clerks of the court; assisting in the personnel, financial, and case-management duties of the district; and seeing that the business of the courts is conducted efficiently and effectively.
    Judge Carlos Samour is the appointed Chief Justice of the 18th judicial district under Supreme Court Chief Justice Nancy Rice and as such is directly responsible for the actions of the judges and administration under his control and direction.
    Previous survey results for retention of 62.18% have noted him for his knowledge of law and fairness but that is only 50% of his job. As Chief Justice, he also has an equal responsibility to make sure the 18th Judicial District and all of its’ actors are complying with the Constitution and laws of Colorado. That has not been done to the detriment of myself and hundreds if not thousands of other pro-se litigants. It is easy to uphold the Constitutional rights of lawyer represented civil and criminal clients. The challenge is making sure that civil pro-se litigant’s constitutional rights are equally protected by judges who have taken a solemn oath to do so. That is Judge Samour’s absolute responsibility as Chief Judge; to be vigilant and responsive to the unethical, submissive, and even criminal actions of actors of the 18th Judicial District of Colorado. Every example, good or bad, is set from the top. If Judge Samour allows these travesties, those under him will follow his lead knowing there is no accountability or recourse for their actions.
    I have interacted with Judge Samour on 4 occasions:
    1. Criminal removal of Jury Demands, Fees, Motions and Supreme Court Orders by Judge Pratt, Magistrate Burns and Head Clerk Tammy Herivel from official court files and therefore promoting Fraud on the Court. [July, 2014]
    2. Unethical behavior of Judge Pratt, Judge Cross and Attorney G. Raymond Goodwin in the submittal of a non-ripe, fraudulent motion and subsequent granting by Judge Cross during half-time of the Super bowl Sunday. [July 2014]
    3. Behavior and actions of Judge Fasing, and Public Administrator attorney Tamra Palmer and Jennifer Gromley in regard to continued abuses to fellow pro-se probate litigants resulting in the devastation of innocent families and loss of millions of dollars in estates.
    4. Twice writing to Judge Samour about being able to protest our first amendment rights to free speech on the Court grounds in Centennial. The first time, we were sent a directive from Judge Samour’s office that there would not be any protesters allowed on the grounds and we had to protest out on the sidewalk. After a judge found that same directive [which was copied and used by Denver] to be unconstitutional, again I contacted his office to see if we could now protest on the grounds. There has been no response up until the date of this document and the directive is still in place.

    The Judges and Administration under Chief Judge Samour have been allowed to run wild and commit criminal atrocities while under his watch. They are under his direct charge and responsibility. The 18th Judicial District has failed miserably under his example and he should not be retained for another 6 years to let this malfeasance continue while innocent pro-se civil litigants are being harmed on a daily basis by shameless judges and actors.
    Thank you for your time and consideration in these important matters.
    /s/Peter Coulter

    18th Judicial District Commissioners:
    Mr. Donald Toussaint, Esq. Chair
    Ms. Michelle Faulk, Esq.
    Ms. Valerie Garcia, Esq.
    Ms. Linda Hannen
    Mr. Russel Lengel
    Ms. Judith McCarthy
    Ms. Wanda McDavid
    Ms. Laura Page, Esq.
    Ms. Patricia Shaver
    Ms. Susan Thornton
    Ms. Lauri McKager, District administrator

    State Judicial Performance
    Ms. Heather Hanneman, Chair
    Mr. Edward Harvey, V. Chair
    Mr. Scott Gessler, Esq.
    Ms. Christina Habas, Esq.
    Ms. Suzanne Jalbert, Phd.
    Mr. Michael Maday, MSW
    Mr. David Kaplan, Esq.
    Ms, Michelle Randall-Garcia
    Mr. William Sobesky, Phd.
    Mr. Rolland Williams
    Mr. Kent Wagner, Esq. director of CJPC


    Colorado Supreme Court c/o
    Ms. Terry Morrison, Esq.
    Governor Hickenlooper
    Colorado Senators and Legislators
    Mr. Matt Arnold, Clear the bench Colorado

    Mr Art Kane,
    Mr. Jeff Roberts,

    Again, it is the Chief Justices job to maintain control and decorum of all the judges under his/her watch. While he may have excelled in one criminal case for one litigant, he let hundreds, if not thousands of other litigants of other judges and court actors in his jurisdiction be abused without discretion. This is highlighted by the Judicial Performance Commission not being able to produce a single pro-se litigant survey for any judge in Colorado which results in complete bias and corruption of the system. I would ask you to join me to vote DO NOT RETAIN for Judge Samour.

  • Cynthia Cole says:

    Judge Randall C. Arp. This judge shows extreme prejudice against women and total disregard for the lives and safety of children. He should be removed.

  • Vincent says:

    Do Not Vote to retain Chief Denver District Court Judge Michael A. Martinez!!!!

    He is biased, unfair, one-sided by monetary persuasions and tempermental!!!

    He does not care about what’s right, what’s fair or what makes sense—only his delusional version of the law.

  • Frank Sturgell says:

    Amazed that I have yet to see the spanking that David Lane gave 2nd District Chief Judge Michael Martinez. Martinez permanently ordered the plaza outside of the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse and a no speech and no assembly zone. This even violated the Supreme Court’s rules that state that Chief Judge can make no orders outside of the building let alone the First Amendment.
    This happened in August of 2015 at an injunction hearing in U.S. 10th District Court. Due to the fact that Mitch Morrissey and the Denver Police Dept. violated the Federal judge’s order to allow free speech, there will be a full trial in April. Hopefully it will include the failure of the Commission on Judicial Discipline.
    Michael Martinez needs to voted out.
    How did such a public spanking in violation of law get unnoticed?

  • Robert says:

    DISTURBING: Julie Kunce Field recently cut off ALL time between a mother and her young son for no good reason at all. Field said the living conditions weren’t good enough. That was nonsense. I personally saw this very mother and her son repeatedly throughout the previous months and the boy was very happy with his mother and clean and polite, etc. This is very, very disturbing. Julie Kunce Field is now a public enemy and should be considered very dangerous.

  • Edward ("Ned") Heppenstall says:

    Has any other state dealt with this issue effectively, such that Colorado can duplicate that effort? I am an attorney and for decades have been furious, especially since many friends consult me and expect that I must know the reputations and capabilities of many judges of whom I may not hav e even heard. If there is a better system to deal with this, let’s jump on it.

    At the least, these must be a method for the analysis of Clear the Bench to be broadcast for the benefit of anyone and everfyone who wants to obtain information on a judge for or against whom he or she is asked to vote.

  • CTBC Director says:

    I have watched the recent reports of the commissions on judicial performance with amusement. The so called independent commissions are anything but. The people on the commissions are political appointees. The best example of this is the appointment of Maisha Pollard to the 18th Judicial Performance Commission. Ms. Pollard is the daughter of state representative Rhonda Fields. She was appointed to the commission by the then leader of the Senate, a democrat. As a commissioner she oversaw the judges of the 18th Judicial District including the judges who were working on her brother’s homicide case. Her brother, Javad Marshall Fields, was tragically murdered and the two men convicted are on death row. Their cases have languished for years in the district court of the 18th and have been mired in controversies as claim after claim has risen regarding government misconduct,secret removal of a sitting judge, etc.. During all this time the judges who handled the cases had their careers supervised by the victim’s sister. Pollard was obviously placed there to keep watch opener the case. A review of Pollard’s criminal history will show that while she was on the commission she was also under a deferred judgment for a felony. Guess where that case was? Yes, the 18th Judicial District. So she was also supervising the very judge who had probation supervision over her. This is something which has been swept under the rug for years. Keep up the good work!

  • Martina Quintanilla says:

    Judge Gilbert Martinez has shown nothing but racism and sexism during my case regarding my three younger children on whether or not they reside her with me, their mother or move to Germany, with their active duty military father. I left the marriage after 14 years due to physical and emotional abuse. On Sept. 6, 2016, Martinez ruled my 3 daughters be ordered to relocate to Germany after living here in Colorado since 2011. This news was so devastating that my oldest twin threatened to commit suicide and was hospitalized for 5 days at Cedar Springs. Today there was a status conference and the Martinez is allowing them to be appointed a CLR. My attorney had one chosen for me but decided to go with the choice of opposing cancel for no apparent reason at all. After court was adjourned, I told petitioner that I can’t believe he is still trying to take them away from me even after our daughter has told him she is not bluffing about killing herself. The judge rudely ordered me back to his bench, asked me what I said, I repeate myself and his response was that this was not the place for me to voice that and that my girls would be visiting me in El Paso County jail if that ever happened again. He then told me to get out of his face.
    He has been nothing but unfair to me and I have no reason to lose my 3 daughters ages 12 & 14 (twins). He has not liked me and has made sure he shows that he has the power to remove my children even though I have always been the primary caretaker all of their lives. I need to know who I can go to because this is not a fair trial. Please help me.

  • Nick says:

    Magistrate Moss of the 18th judicial district in the Douglas County house is corrupt, unethical, and lacking in all integrity. She has overstepped her legal authority time after time and in our current case, she is in violation of several pursuant articles in order to drive a corrupt agenda as she is in the pocket of such legal groups as “Pickard & Ross”, or “Epstein law”. She gives orders and even when said orders are followed to a T, she approves contradictory orders to serve her political agenda to satisfy the pockets she’s in, also in part because of a lack of intelligence that she wears on her sleeve. I clearly know that she works for us, voted in by the people, something she clearly needs a firm reminding of. This woman needs incarceration, let alone to be stripped of any legal power. We have contacted the chief judge in the 18th judicial to look into this ego driven scumbag, contacted all local media outlets and push for this conduct to be pushed into the spotlight. We suggested a magistrate review.. her response, “knock yourselves out, I do my own reviews”‘. This type of egoic, above the law and total lack of integrity by any position of authority in any respected system, country or position of power, should know if they choose to abuse their power, they will be punished with no mercy and no sympathy. This woman destroys family’s and should be removed immediately and charged with any and all applicable crimes as well as sanctioning the law firms which she caters to on a daily basis while great loving people are torn apart from one another. This woman is a true disgrace and a part of a cancer that has hold of our justice system. She is souless and evil. Immediate action must be taken with the highest level of diligence.

  • Nicholas Lundberg says:

    In my first foray as an actual participant in our legal system, Involving a case in which I was a juror, Judge Andrew McCallin of the Denver District Court was the presiding judge, I found him to be an equitable court employee. He was appointed to the bench in 2014, so his first retention election just occurred in November 2016, he was retained.

  • Ramon says:

    Venue – Removal to Federal Court


    Removal refers to the transfer of a civil action from state trial court to federal district court.

    Notice of removal:
    A notice of removal is signed by the defendants and filed in federal court to begin the process of transferring the civil action from state court to federal court.
    In certain cases, the defendant may wish the case to be heard by a federal, rather than state, tribunal. Where a defendant in a state civil action wants to have the case heard by a federal tribunal, the defendant will seek to “remove” the case to federal court.

    Sometimes, the federal district courts will have original jurisdiction over a civil action filed in state court. That is not to say that the case has been improperly filed in state court – it is only to say that the federal court is also be able to hear the case because it has original subject matter jurisdiction. In such a case, the defendant or defendants may remove the case to the federal district court for the district and division in which the action is pending.

    To where does the case get removed? Generally, a case filed in state court will be removed to the federal court that has geographical jurisdiction encompassing the state court’s location. For example:

    John brings a cause of action against Mike in New York Supreme Court in Westchester County. Assume that a federal court also has jurisdiction, both personal and subject matter, over the parties and the case. If Mike’s motion to remove the case to federal court is granted, the case will most likely be removed to United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in White Plains, New York.

    Where the federal district courts have original jurisdiction over a civil action in state court that is not based on a federal claim (i.e., the court’s subject matter jurisdiction is based on diversity of citizenship), the action is removable to federal district court only if none of the defendants is a citizen of the state in which the action was brought. Of course, the defendants must be properly joined and served. Where the federal district courts have original jurisdiction over a civil action in state court because the action arises under federal law (i.e., the court’s subject matter jurisdiction is based on federal question jurisdiction), the case is removable, regardless of the citizenship or residence of the parties involved.

    The original defendant(s) may remove the action to federal court. Whether a defendant to a counterclaim, crossclaim or third party action, etc. (who may be the plaintiff in the original action), may remove the case to federal court is another question. The majority of courts hold that such removal is not allowed. If an original defendant moves for removal, the counterclaims and crossclaims, etc., may end up being removed anyway.

    Very often, plaintiffs will join multiple causes of action in one case filed in state court. In a case where the federal district court has original jurisdiction over some of the claims but not others, the entire case may be removed to federal court. This is similar to supplemental jurisdiction – the non-removable claims can go along with the removable claims. Once removed, the federal district court will either hear the entire case or, if it feels that the state court is the more appropriate forum for certain claims in which state law predominates, it will remand those claims to state court. See 28 U.S.C. § 1441(c).

    An additional requirement to removal is that all of the defendants who are eligible for removal must sign the removal notice. For example:

    John brings a cause of action against Mike and Mark in state court. Assume that a federal court also has jurisdiction, both personal and subject matter, over the parties and the case. Further assume that Mike and Mark qualify for removal. If Mike seeks to remove the case to federal court but Mark does not agree, the case may not be moved. If Mike qualifies for removal but Mark doesn’t qualify for removal, then Mark’s disagreement does not affect the initial decision about removal; it will be removed.

    Just as fraudulently joining a party to create diversity of citizenship is not allowed, fraudulently joining a party to create a bar to removal to federal court is impermissible. If the joinder is legitimate, however, the bar to removal will stand.

    Parties can agree to waive removal. If, in a contract, a clause exists that a particular claim will be litigated in state court, that claim will not be removed to federal court. For example:

    Bill and Ted enter into a contract in which Bill agrees to buy 84 widgets from Ted. The last clause of the contract provides: “All claims arising under this contract must be heard by Idaho state court. No claim arising under this contract may be removed to federal court.” Bill files an action in state court against Ted. Ted files a notice of removal in federal district court. The federal district court will remand the case back to state court.

    Some state civil actions are not removable. These include certain actions against a railroad or its receivers or trustees; certain actions against a carrier or its receivers or trustees to recover damages for delay, loss, or injury of shipments, unless the matter in controversy exceeds $10,000, exclusive of interest and costs; actions arising under a state’s workmen’s compensations laws; and actions arising under section 40302 of the Violence Against Women Act of 1994. See 28 U.S.C. § 1445.

    The procedures through which a defendant may remove the case to federal court are detailed, but fairly simple. Generally, defendants must file a notice of removal with the appropriate federal court within 30 days of receiving the summons and complaint. In addition to filing the notice, the defendant must include “a short and plain statement of the grounds for removal, together with a copy of all process, pleadings, and orders served upon such defendant or defendants in such action.” 28 U.S.C. § 1446(a). The filing of the notice creates automatic removal – the case is no longer under the jurisdiction of the state court. At this point, it is up to the appropriate federal court to determine whether the removal is proper, whether all claims are removable, etc. If need be, the court may remand either the entire case or certain claims back to state court. The case will not be dismissed for inappropriate removal; rather, the remedy is to remand it back to the state court.

    As stated above, the defendant(s) has 30 days from receipt of the summons and complaint to file the notice of removal. If, however, the case is not removable at this point, but becomes removable later, because, for example, the plaintiff amends the complaint, the defendant will again have 30 days by which to file a notice of removal, beginning on the date that the amendment is filed.

    After removal, a motion to remand the case based on any defect other than the lack of subject matter jurisdiction must be filed within 30 days after the filing of the notice of removal. A motion to remand based on lack of subject matter jurisdiction may be made, like in regular case procedure, at any time. The theory behind this is that once it has been determined that the court does not have the authority to hear a particular case, the case cannot continue. This is why the court may, on its own (sua sponte) remand the case (or dismiss it, in regular case situations) for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.

    Sometimes, after removal, the plaintiff will want to join additional defendants. Where doing so would destroy the federal court’s subject matter jurisdiction, the court has the power to either deny joinder, or permit joinder and to remand the action to state court.
    ©2003 – 2016 National Paralegal College / National Juris University

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  • Ramon says:

    Linda he la billings and Robert w mens the first two I’m dragging to federal court in Denver after my court your will be arrested dumb tucking child predators I warn your in a federal military lock up crimes against humanity your should be ashamed of your self and commit suicide disgusting pieces of suit

  • John Bourrot says:

    Nothing will get better in the court rooms till the judicial immunities are repealed by congress
    (ongoing since mid 70’s) it has brought you Wire tapsbyNSA, Revised abusive Patriot Act, No warrant-No bail arrests, Corporation are people ,yet scared attorneys no file subpoenas against investors/companies, unlimited campaign funds to politicians and judges,
    companies that force OUR politicians to allow their contracts to contain anti-American/No due process wording,Unlimited search & seizures

    Take ALL America back in 2017, not just a new president..

  • CJ says:

    I was served with a TRO and it was signed 3/20/2017 because a neighbor did not like me on the HOA board this was totally dismissed 4/14/2017 by the same Judge. Her name is Kelly A. LaFave. Arapahoe County Judge Division: A2 She is very new to the bench and was appointed last year by our Governor. Well, she signed the TRO because this crazy person did not like the HOA and we took away the covenants. All the Plaintiff had was pictures I posted on my land “Bees for Sale” and No Trespassing. The Plaintiff some how at the TRO hearing convinced this Judge I was dangerous and I firmly believe in my heart she granted it because this crazy person works at the Federal center. I am a senior lady and I have never seen anything like this. The Judge was rude in court as well. The judge has an ego and a big one at that. She is up for retention in 2020 vote no.

  • Wronged Colorado Citizen With Psychiatric Diagnosis says:

    RE: Magistrate Rebecca Moss Douglas County Colorado 2016/2017.
    This magistrate needs to be removed from the bench. I encourage anyone who has had a questionable ruling from this person, which I can only assume there are many, to lodge a formal complaint with the Office of Attorney Regulation (as the Colorado Commission on Judicial Discipline is for judges only, which she is not). I concur with the bad hair comment above, as this reflects poorly on what is supposed to be proper decorum in a courtroom where decisions are made which impact the entirety of people’s lives. I concur with the bad courtroom personal conduct comment above, as this magistrate showed verbal disdain for my serious mental health condition and actually laughed out loud, and very loudly, when I was testifying to my symptoms. Furthermore, she emailed my attorney a ruling on another one of his cases during my hearing. Her “ruling” on my case did not follow the statutory law, but relied upon case law almost exclusively. She clearly had complete disdain and disregard for my mental health, for which I had a diagnosis and official medical records. I intend to sound off on this issue and this atrocious magistrate in all appropriate avenues. I encourage everyone else to do the same. Judges (and it seems magistrates) are running amuck in this country, as evidenced by what President Trump is experiencing as well. Really quite sickening. Magistrate Becky Moss financially ruined me, and I intend to let that be known everywhere.

  • Megan Parocha says:

    Yesterday I was notified that my PPO case was overturned on appeal by Judge Thomas Muvlahill of the 20th Judicial District in Boulder. I grew up in Erie Colorado and my mother and three sisters now live in Boulder. My grandparents and extended family also reside in Colorado. I served in the United States Coast Guard for nearly three years when I met my soon to be ex-husband who was verbally and physically abusive. In September of this year, I left my husband in New Jersey with our two-year-old daughter to live with my mother and escape the torture I suffered. While in New Jersey, my husband was investigated twice for Domestic Violence, however both times the military found him innocent. At the time, i lacked the confidence and support to obtain a restraining order as I had no close family or friends nearby. I have been in extensive therapy and have suffered PTSD and extreme anxiety from the abuse. Judge Brodsky heard my case and granted my Permanent Restraining order, citing evidence of verbal abuse and threats which occurred in Boulder after I had moved back. Therefore Colorado has jurisdiction over my case. Judge Mulvahill reviewed the case after my husband appealed based on the fact that the physical violence happened in New Jersey. Judge Mulvahill did not even acknowledge the facts cited by Judge Brodsky in his dissent of the PPO decision. Judge Brodsky has extensive experience and knowledge about D.V. and it was not only wrong and unconstitutional of Judge Mulvahill to overturn her decision, but demonstrates his clear lack of understanding in Domestic Violence issues. This judge should be reviewed and not be reelected next term. I am appalled and sickened by his decision and do not feel that I am protected or that my voice is heard as a woman in the state of Colorado. These types of judges and decisions are what promote violence and oppression against women in the United States and only judges who have a clear understanding of human rights and D.V. deserve a seat on the bench.

  • Michael Gutwein says:

    Judge Kimberly Wood and Judge Pattie Swift are BOTH abominations and BOTH need to be voted out of office, investigated by the BAR/State and then impeached!

    Our dinosaur media is too pathetic to care about what these ignorant trolls do to the family. Even the Colorado Council for Judicial Discipline could care less about Judge Wood sending men to be evaluated by her lesbian, anti-male wife, Tammie Obie.

    The newest bit of news: it is purported, the Court has been ordering people to be ‘supervised’ at a State/County place called the San Juan Center and NONE OF THESE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN CREDENTIALED BY THE STATE for years!

    The 12th District in Colorado is run by homosexual activists that give the women everything unless the man has 100’s of hours of homosexual porn on his phone…if you’re this guy, you just won the Wood Lottery!!

  • Amber Dunn says:


  • Linda Hill says:

    My daughter recently went through a high conflict divorce and Judge Peter Michaelson ruled him as a parent alienate, granted both kids to live with him, ordered my daughter to pay $1041 a ,onto child support when she has been a stay at home mom for 6 years, has no job and he based her child support at 50,000 earnings. He gives primary custody to the parent alienate, who will not bring the child to reintegration therapy because he does not want them to have anything to do with their mother, of course so he can get that child support. This judge has no clue. Did not rule with complete guidelines as to settlement, ordered house to be sold. He left this wide open for more litigation more lawyers. What is a trial for when nothing gets resolved. He needs to be ousted from this position.

  • Leesa says:

    M. Beth Dumler is why this system is broken. Her arrogance and lack of knowledge of the law is easily evident when sitting in her court room. Her laziness is apparent when all she wants to do is for both parties to walk away without her having to make a decision and this after years of wasting time amd money of the people. I dont know how domeone like her is still working. Perhaps that is why thete is no justice in the justice sydtem.

  • My name is Craig Buckley. I am a Longmont, CO homeowner who has been attacked, retaliated against, and terrorized by staggeringly corrupt Weld County District Court Chief Judge James F. Hartmann for the past six years. Through Court and administrative filings, transcripts, witness accounts, and the opinions of independent attorneys, and Colorado House Representative Jonathan Singer, I have proven commission of multiple felony acts by James Hartmann, serving no lawful purpose, and no purpose other than the preservation of his reputation and career. I caught Hartmann in commission of crime, and he has used his official position to destroy my life. I am compiling the evidence here:

  • D. Hahn says:

    I am a party to a family law matter in the Denver District Court. The magistrate assigned to this case is Jennifer Torrington — now a judge.

    I was in a state of shock when this magistrate called the ER department at Porter Hospital to confirm that my daughter had been admitted under a suicide watch after this horrible matter ensued. Ms. Torrington was repeatedly told “we cannot speak with you because of HIPAA”. I was embarrassed for her and cannot believe that someone in her position does not know the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It is unfortunate that those who have studied “law” are placed in positions of power. The study of law clearly does not render the individual as an intellectual superior as demonstrated by this occurrence.

  • KRISTEN HOOD says:

    On September 12, 2017 Judge Margaret Billings Vela denied my minor son his Attorney to be present 3 times during a hearing by phone conference at Grand Mesa Youth Center

  • KRISTEN HOOD says:

    On September 12, 2017 Judge Margaret Billings Vela denied my minor son his Attorney to be present 3 times during a hearing by phone conference at Grand Mesa Youth Center.
    The charges were two years old and my son completed his diversion program. My son was held then transported 600+ miles for a petty theft crime that had been closed. This is all because Mr. Daniel May the DA for Teller County has it in for my family and has for 4 years.
    Judge Cisneros also told my son’s handicapped twin brother that was being abused by his school aide which I have forensic interviews and photos of the abuse and she said that my son’s safety wasn’t her concern and sent him back to his abuser.
    I called Mr. May out in his LACK of willingness to investigate the abuse. If you do this they tend to get angry and come after you and your family.
    The FBI is investigating YAY.
    Teller County is crooked beware!!

  • David Nuttle says:

    Gilpin County Court Judge, David C. Taylor, operates a unique “speed-trap” court. Local law enforcement officers are allowed, by Judge Taylor, to give speeding tickets in an RFI (radio frequency interference)-zone in Black Hawk, Colorado. The RFI-zone is created by not less than six large, neon-type casino billboards in the narrow valley where Black Hawk is located. According to test results from police radar experts such as Paul Buse, such an RFI-zone will cause police radar to show a vehicle going 10 to 20 mph faster that it is actually travelling. A Trooper gave me a ticket for a false claim of my going 44 mph in a 30 mph zone in this RFI area, when I was actually traveling at 29 mph.

    Judge Taylor had his Court Clerk play deception games about the date of my hearing when I appealed the above said ticket. As a result, I did not know the correct date of my hearing and was not present for that reason. My absence allowed Judge Taylor to make a default ruling that is almost impossible to appeal in higher courts since evidence is seldom considered on a default ruling. The fine and court cost for this ticket now exceed $350.00.
    My appeal of this ticket has continued, but that did not stop Judge Taylor from ordering the cancellation of my Colorado Driver License and he has threatened to put me in jail if I did not pay this fabricated fine immediately.

    I am a former GS-14 CIA Special Operations Officer, and I travel to provide unique training to new special operations officers who will soon risk their lives to help defend our freedoms and all of us. I need my Colorado Driver License restored to facilitate travel in support of these efforts. Judge Taylor is “pissed” that I have exposed his “speed-trap” court, and may not be willing to order my Colorado Driver License restored even if I now pay the full fabricated fine. Over the last five decades I have lived and worked in 42 developing nations. During that time, I did not experience a court system more corrupt than Judge Taylor’s court. Welcome to friendly Colorado.

  • Frank Unger says:

    Debra Gunkel, in my opinion is a horrible and unethical attorney and judge in Prowers County who makes slanderous statements in open court as if they were truth yet, in actuality they have no basis in fact

  • Mary Noeh says:

    God help you if you come across Kim Verhoeffas your judge and even more so if she’s the G.A.L. for your children for some reason. This evil, vindictive woman will stoop to just about anything to make sure she makes your life a living He’ll! Clear her from the bench in Holly, Colorado and also as a G.A.L. in LaMar!!!!

  • Janice Beechick says:

    I can’t find information for 2018 ballot – county and court of appeals judges. 17th district judges.and Adams County judges
    Please help!!!

  • Hadtobe Petitioner says:

    JUDGE MICHAEL SPEAR should NOT be retained. In addition to the trauma that the divorce of parents has on (many) children, Spear’s Permanent Orders were DEVASTATING to my child’s well-being. Here are just a few significant facts from Judge Spear’s courtroom and orders, and our divorce case, and their residual effect on my child, and I. I am divorced from a man that lied and deceived throughout the divorce process at an astonishing level. Including, during his time on the stand (especially in Spear’s courtroom), and significantly on ALL of his Sworn Financial Statements, to lower the Child Support amount, and lies with so much more; as well as sending me an UNFORGETTABLE and eye-opening email that read, “How’s your God thing working for you now?”. Among many other disastrous rulings by Judge Spear, one was the 50/50 Parenting Time. At Temporary Court, we had a Magistrate order a Child Family Investigator. The findings should have been helpful for our child, and also an exhibit, representing over 1.5 years of (the father) relinquishing or forfeiting about half of his Parenting Time; i.e. no shows, following Temporary Orders. Neither were helpful. Additionally, Spear’s Permanent Orders were NOT equitable with marital assets and attorney fees, and no alimony (though 19 of my years included a devotion to the support and growth of my husband’s career, and our companies). The orders devastated me financially. The parent that Spear’s Permanent Orders showed favor to, (because it was clearly not in the child’s best interest or favor), well, that parent refused to move out of my one (1) court ordered home, and into one of his two (2) court ordered homes, UNTIL, I took him to court. Months later, and half of an hour before going into the courtroom, he gave me the deed and keys to my one (1) court ordered house. Fast forward farther, within just a few years from those Perm. Orders… that same parent that Spear’s Orders showed favor to, continued to relinquish and forfeit a large percentage of his Parenting Time. Then, he actually moved our middle(!) school child out of his and the girlfriend’s house, with ALL of his belongings, DURING HIS Parenting Time, driving our child 25 miles to me at my place of employment, and WHILE I’m working, and without any prior communication to me. He COMPLETELY kicked our kid out of the house. MORE TRAUMA to our child from his father, it’s continual, AND never stops. Of absolutely no help… Judge Spear’s Permanent Court orders that were HORRIBLE FOR OUR CHILD, and orders that were horrible for the parent that has ALWAYS actively been a parent, me. The court system in that courtroom with Judge Spear was broken for my child. How is my God thing working for me now? My child’s father isn’t ever going to “crush me”, as he put it to me one day, and I will NEVER stop praying for my child, and I think it’s the right thing to do to share with you some of my experience, and my child’s experience, related to Judge Spear. Do you want a judge that will traumatize your child more, with his rulings?

  • Brenda says:

    Vote NO to retain Kelly LaFave in the Arapahoe county in Colorado in the small claims court. My case had the misfortune of landing in her court. She allowed an attorney to represent the defendant even when I did not receive a letter of representation within the 7 day time frame. I submitted a motion to her that I never heard anything from her on. I got the feeling when I objected to the attorney she denied it stating that if the attorney state she sent the letter of representation, she did. I asked for prove and she told me that since the attorney is a representative of the court she didn’t have to provide proof. I knew from that moment I didn’t stand a chance of winning. Even though I Witnessed the attack, that appeared to have no weight/merit with her. I provided evidence that their witness misrepresented her credentials thereby committing fraud on the court and that her testimony should be thrown out and not considered, she based her decision solely on that witness who based her entire testimony on hearsay. I witnessed the ATTACK and that meant nothing. Witnessed got up on the stand and lied but she either is to new to recognize perjury or chose to ignore it. She needs to spend time watching Judge Judy to see how to run a fair and honest small claims court. If you file a claim and it ends up in Kelly LaFave’s court room that the other side hires an attorney whether they let you know or not know that based on my experience she will still allow that attorney to represent the defendant and you will loose because I got the feeling that she was not about to let an attorney loose to a regular person. After all how would that look. Also by having that attorney in the court room I felt it took everything to an entire new level, one beyond small claims court. Vote NO cause if she remains and your case ends up in her court room just be ready if the other side has an attorney, you’ve lost already.

  • Rob the Voter Guy says:

    To the anonymous cowards in Springs who sent me a postcard attacking Judge Torrington today, rest assured I will vote Yes, Yes, Yes to retain.

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