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This page is a forum for visitors to the site to contribute your own stories about how YOU have been adversely affected by the rulings of Colorado’s rogue supreme court.  Have your property taxes gone up because of the recent Mill Levy Tax ‘Freeze’ ruling?  Has your business or other property been seized by abuse of eminent domain sanctioned by this court? Or have you been affected in some other way?

Colorado Supreme Court rulings aren’t just dry, academic legal decisions  – they impact real people, causing real pain.  Write your own comments below:

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  • Paul M. says:

    Jeffco judge, Dennis Hall, made a divorce judgement against me for $123,000.00 with interest after both parties submitted financials that netted zero for both parties. Zip. The divorce decree even stated that the assets of both parties are to be excluded from the preceedings. The judge still awarded the exwife this amount that he just pulled out of the air. Now the ex is pursuing liens and garnishments. I asked the appeals court for a retrial. Denied. I asked this judge for an appeal but was given advice by my lawyer to decline from this action as the judge would have another attempt to make the decree tighter against me. The ex tried to get to my retirement account but the TSP could not pay based upon no specifics in the judgement. It gets better. I could take out $200,000 from tsp to pay the ex, the penalty, the taxes. Then the ex pays half of what she receives in taxes. Can anybody see the idiocy here?
    From other posts I had read here the judges are out of control. My lawyer wont even go up against the judge. OBTW the divorce court judge, Dennis Hall, is a prior district Attorney. What does he know about divorce? The exs lawyer was a previous criminal lawyer, Robert Biondino. These two sheisters played the system downwards and backwards.
    I am due to retire in 2 years. I can’t pay the fine. I need a security clearance for my job so I can not file for bankruptcy. Its the screwing after the sex that is the real disease. The corrupt society is running rampant against the honest working people. What a sham. Heinous acts are the only alternative.
    Is there any help available before any more decent people have their lives ruined?
    Please contact me…

  • Melvin says:

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  • I have been fighting the unconstitutional foreclosure laws here in Colorado for several years now.

    In 2006, HB 1387 was passed. It was drafted by foreclosure mill attorneys Larry Castle and Robert Hopp in order to make it easier to foreclose on homeowners in Colorado. The bill eliminated the standard of proof required of the lender to prove that the lender was the real party in interest with standing to foreclose. The bill forced homeowners into a rule 120 proceeding, where homeowners lost their right to appeal, their right to a jury trial, their right to a counterclaim, their right to discovery, and the real party of interest defense (Goodwin v. District Court) was effectively muted. This bill is in direct violation of Section 1 of the
    14th Amendment of the Constitution, which states; “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor
    deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

    I took my foreclosure case to Federal Court Civil Action No 12-cv-02716 where I questioned the Constitutionality of the Rule 120 proceeding. I received the first TRO/Preliminary Injunction in the Federal Court on a State matter (foreclosure). I felt Judge William Martinez was fair. Eventually he dismissed my case based on standing (due to a previous bankruptcy). He never attacked the merits of my case.

    I was sent to the District Court under JUDGE CHARLES PRATT for a supposed judicial foreclosure. Case 2013-CV-825. What I got there was a far stretch from any sort of due process or justice. Time after time, everything I filed was summarily ignored. The opposition’s pleadings were quoted and adhered to. Now I must take his rulings to a higher court and seek an appeal.


    1. Whether the Judgment of the Court which concluded that Defendant’s claims should be dismissed on grounds that she was not the Real Party in Interest because she failed to list her pre petition causes of action as assets of the bankruptcy estate, and alternatively whether Defendant had stated a claim against the parties?

    2. Whether the Civil Access Pilot Program (CAPP) was Appropriately Applied to the foreclosure Action?

    3. Whether US Bank N.A. as trustee on behalf of the “Trust” had to register as “a debt collector?

    4. Whether US Bank as trustee of the Trust, and therefore the Trust was required to comply with the provisions of a holder in due course in order to foreclose? CLINTON GEORG and FREESTYLE SPORTS MARKETING, INC., v. METRO FIXTURES CONTRACTORS, INC No. 07SC26; Deutsche Bank vs Samora 2013 COA 81.

    5. Whether Larry Castle was properly served in this action?

    6. Whether Defendants claims against US Bank N.A., MERS, LARRY CASTLE which included conspiracy were properly dismissed for failure to state a claim?

    7. Whether the trial court erred in showing judicial bias against Defendant in both the conduct of the case and the rulings on the Pleadings by appearing to condone Defendant’s fraud on the court?

    8. Whether the Doctrine of a Continuing tort tolled the statute of limitation with respect to the violation of the Fair Debt Collection Act, when the tort involved the Colorado non judicial foreclosure Act and proceeding in the Rule 120 which was procedurally and substantively unconstitutional when §38-38-101 was amended by Larry Castle with the Assistance of Robert J. Hopp (who is now in Bankruptcy) MERS, and the Castle Law Group?

    9. Whether Colorado should adopt the reasoning in GLASKI v. BANK OF AMERICA NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, F064556, July 31, 2013?

    10. Whether Judge Pratt could disallow defendant’s Homestead Exemption which the bankruptcy court had specifically granted her the exemption?

    11. Whether any excess proceeds of the sale after distribution to all designated parties could be held by the court instead of given to defendant?

    12. Whether Defendant should have been allowed to have an expert examine the Promissory Note to determine whether it was a forgery as she had expressly requested on December 9th, 2013 in court before dismissing the case.

    13. Whether an assignment of the Deed of Trust and Promissory Note can be challenged under the “Spurious Document” statute (CRCP 105.1)?

    I have heard from many people that have had JUDGE CHARLES PRATT that he likes to give the “appearance” of being fair and willing to look at both sides. What they all encountered, as an END RESULT is something altogether. No matter what is submitted, JUDGE CHARLES PRATT sides in the favor of the banks and lawfirms representing them.

    In researching JUDGE CHARLES PRATT, I found this:

    Essentially JUDGE CHARLES PRATT ruled against Peter Coulter using a FORGED contract! How can you enforce a forged contract? Not to mention missing court records on the case and the general ignoring of statutory rules. Peter Coulter asked JUDGE CHARLES PRATT to recuse himself, but JUDGE CHARLES PRATT flatly refused.

    What are we to do when a judge signs an oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, the supreme law of the land….and ignores it time and time again?

    A state statute should NOT be given more power than the Constitution. Our judicial system was created for the people, of the people, and by the people. We need judges that care about the PEOPLE of Colorado and their Constitutional rights!

    I feel JUDGE CHARLES PRATT is bias and prejudicial against homeowners in Colorado. I will be actively involved in opposing his retention.

    If you have any stories about JUDGE CHARLES PRATT, please feel free to contact me.

    Lisa Brumfiel

  • Mimi Crist (Pueblo) says:

    Pueblo judges are vicious against women. I had to have three serious operations, was dealing with cancer, and the judges said I could have not time for them or healing. The cases continued. David Crockenberg,now a judge represented Parkview Hospital where I was molested and raped.He intimidated and blocked me from discovery along with Pat Kogovsek of Parkview and the wife of the city-county attorney. Judge Reyes would do nothing. The DA would do nothing. MY brain was injured by an underage driver.Seizures for life. Judge Rayes would not let the jury hear the case and gave a judgment to me. My car was in front. With the higher courts it was the same thing. I think the Pueblo mob owns the judicial system. The Constitution and Statutes and Civil Rights do not exist in Colorado Courts. I have all of the truth and proof and still it makes no difference. They have tried taking my home and my belongings. I am told that judges are paid off to throw cases. Before court while I sat waiting for court to begin the attorney for the other side went into the judges office to talk. I complained. The judge would not let me speak in court and gave me a judgment. Total corruption. This happened twice. Judge Maes is gone-he was corrupt. Now we have Judge Eyler and she is no better. Just like the man here with 71 felonies who got off–we are all being abused by bought off judges.

  • Lori Bohner says:

    Judge Donna Schmalberger has ignored 3 void judgments issued by the Colorado appeals court. She is closing public hearings and has violated freedom of the press and freedom of speech. She has kicked out media from two hearings that gained media awareness. she ignores best interest of the child standard and colludes with cps/dhs to kidnap children for federal funding. She took the advice from child counselor Kris Newland to terminate because of “trauma bond”. Kris Newland NEVER saw me with my child! in fact. the only time I have been allowed to see my child in the last 4 years the psychologist testified that he saw no fear or trauma and recommended full reintegration. Judge schmalberger reterminated right after hearing that testimony. Both terminations have been voided by higher courts and Judge Schmalberger refuses to recuse herself. She said on the record on July 14 that she knew I was being tortured for the last 6 years! REMOVE THIS JUDGE FROM THE BENCH!!!! UGLYJUDGE.COM

  • Michelle (A civilian) says:

    I have a comment to leave regarding Judge Tim Tow III. He has made erroneous errors in my final parental responsibilities case in Adams County which has led to me loosing custody of my child to a 16 time felon and refuses to correct his mistakes. My case is going up for Appeals soon. The citizens should not have to worry about these types of errors happening within judges final Orders. It is unfair and unconstitutional. I can only imagine all of the people that did not know how to get a final Order corrected and have suffered from his misjudgments. It ruins parents and children’s lives both when these types of errors are over looked or “shoved under the rug.” In my opinion the Judge should be moved to criminal court where his rulings could only have the potential of ruining one single persons life, and even that is not just. He needs to be removed from the bench ASAP period I think!! Thank you for your time in reading this and God bless!!

  • Michelle (A civilian) says:

    “A justice or judge must possess the confidence of the community and therefore be independent and honest.”
    ~ The Honest Judge Amendment

    I just read that on another website. Within Judge Tim Tow III’s final orders in my case he states that I failed to appear at a hearing which is why he ruled in favor of my x-husband. I called his clerk today and the first sentence in the transcript for that particular hearing date reads: Petitioner and Respondent appear pro-se. Honesty must have been thrown out of the above statement in Adams County Court. I thought Judges took an oath of ethics??

  • M. Rowen says:


    sentenced TIMOTHY ROBINSON, who was convicted of sexual exploitation of a child, to PROBATION and 3 YEARS IN A HALF WAY HOUSE. Mr. Robinson had 1000’s of pictures of children being sexually assaulted, raped and tortured. He also distributed some of those images to others. Federal law mandates a minimum of 5 years in prison if one is caught with these images. Colorado doesn’t have to follow federal law but is probation and 3 years in a half way house really an appropriate sentence? When do we protect our children and say “enough is enough!” We expect our judges to uphold the laws and protect our citizens, especially those who can’t protect themselves. Ask yourself, ‘if it was my child being assaulted, raped and/or tortured and then those images were sent to other child predators, would probation and 3 years in a half way house be a fair sentence?’ PLEASE speak up against Judge Kurt Horton’s sentence and let him know we want judges who will PROTECT OUR CHILDREN. We can’t continue to sit by and do nothing until it happens to us personally. May God lead our elected officials and our country.

  • Peter says:

    An attorney tried to put a ballot initiative forward this year that would require judges to be tried in front of a public ethics committee instead of behind closed doors. (where NO judge has ever been removed) He was threatened by members of the Colorado Supreme Court that unless he puled the initiative, they would pull his license. Everyone in the judicial department takes their example from the top and sadly, the majority there is still corrupt and shameless.

  • Adrianne (Protector of the Constitution) says:

    Judge Theresa michelle Slade and Judge Hada or both corrupt. Theresa Slade did not establish jurisdiction and I was railroaded by her predecessor, Valaria Spencer in a divorce and custody hearing (amazingly I was unable to receive the domestic violence paperwork where my ex pleaded down after serving 28 days in county jail). They do not review paperwork and they will always side with their buddies (other judges, attorney’s) and they do not uphold the Constitution as is their sworn duty. The entirety of the “justice system” in the US is corrupt. Everyone is entitled to a trail by jury regardless of the case. If it comes with a court order that’s legally enforcable, you have a right to trial by jury (smaller cases would have a petit jury). Please vote against this monster of a woman!!!!!

  • Sherryl Eisenberg says:

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  • 8th JD Court Judge Julie Kunz-Field Division 3B

    This will be Judge Field’s first retention vote by the People. The People are disgusted with rulings and decisions made in the domestic relations case Pappenheim v Lynn – a case receiving national attention, 11 DR 444. Just google it!

    If Stacy Lynne’s child can be taken from her, so can yours.

    Judge Field picked up where lower court magistrates began – denial of significant evidence showing domestic violence and mental instability of the child’s father, with relentless prejudice against the mother. Courtrooms were cleared, evidence suppressed, orders made without all parties present, illegal GPS device placed on Ms Lynn’s vehicle by the LCSO, an arrest of Ms Lynn without papers being served, and more.
    Julie Kunz Field has no business handling family law cases after exhibiting such callous disregard for the law and this child’s best interest. Senseless alienation, lives ruined, public trust destroyed.

    November 15, 2011 Judge Julie Kunce Field (8th District Court Judge – Larimer County Colorado) awarded custody of Stacy Lynne’s child Jaden, to the bio-dad “Petitioner” Jeffrey Pappenheim.

    December 21, 2011, Judge Field ordered Jaden be removed from his home (of eight years) with his Mom Stacy Lynne, and placed in custody of his bio-dad; a man he’d never even spent one night with, and who’d threatened to kill him.

    April 30, 2012: Pappenheim requested Stacy pay him $14,000 in attorney fees, or serve 120 days in jail.

    Oct 2014 – Ms Lynn has not seen her son for over a year, despite visitation orders allowing it. Courts will not address contempt of court by the father. This judge is despicable.



    The triumvirate consisting of former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, Judge Julie Field and Pat Stryker’s ICLEI interests have been involved in a series of “amazing coincidences”, which culminated in the neutralization of Stacy Lynne as their main ICLEI/Agenda 21 opponent. This was accomplished by the stealing of Lynne’s son in one of the biggest miscarriages of justice ever witnessed in a family court. All three parties are inextricably tied to ICLEI/Agenda 21 interests.

  • anonymous says:

    8th Judicial District Court Judge Thomas French violated Colorado statute, court rules and procedures in December 2013 when he dismissed a civil lawsuit that was properly filed in Larimer County. He claimed that jurisdiction was improper. French knew at the time he dismissed it that he was violating the law and that shows willful intent to obstruct justice.

    Weld County District Court Judge Shannon Douglas Lyons, (thumbs up) cited the same case law, statutes and rules that were cited by petitioner and returned the case to Larimer County. Judge Lyons issued an order to Larimer County to re-open the case. Judge Lyons said in his order that jurisdiction was proper and that claims were valid.

  • Looking at the numbers says:

    “Of non-attorneys responding to the survey, 96% recommended retaining, 2% not to retain, and 2% made no recommendation. (These percentages may not total 100% due to rounding.)

    Judge Field’s docket consists of 50% criminal cases, 40% civil cases and 10% domestic relations cases.”


  • Jennifer Martin says:

    Denver County Judge : Honorable Clarisse Gonzalez Mangnall – traffic court magistate. Decided my case according to city code.

  • Tony Massey says:

    Horrible Judge, Makes his mind, then writes his opinion.
    Doesn’t review the material.
    Heavily biased.
    I appealed him to Colorado Supreme Court….
    I could spend a long time telling you about him, but my supreme court petition does a good job:
    look under: district court errors for the whole story:

    case docs:

    The brief that went to Horton:

    if these dont work or display incorrectly, please search google for: 14sc520

    also: pretty linient on child porn case:

    Tony Massey

  • Tony Massey says:

    Arapahoe District Court Judge Kurt A. Horton
    18th Judicial District

    Horrible Judge, Makes his mind, then writes his opinion.

    Doesn’t review the material.

    Heavily biased.

    I appealed him to Colorado Supreme Court….

    I could spend a long time telling you about him, but my supreme court petition does a good job:

    look under: district court errors for the whole story:

    case docs:

    The brief that went to Horton:

    if these dont work or display incorrectly, please search google for: 14sc520

    also: pretty linient on child porn case:

    Tony Massey

  • Peter Coulter says:

    Judge Charles Pratt.
    One else need be said about Judge Pratt than the 5 affidavits from litigants that were before him chastising his behavior. Most egregious is his removal of litigants jury fees and jury demands on multiple occasions. The Judicial Performance Commission has decided on its’ own to support him with rogue reviews that do not reflect the majority opinions. It is not the Judicial Commissions themselves, but the Director Kent Wagner and his minions. Following are two instances of his bias in preparing reviews: 1. In Boulder County, Judge Moore received a “do no retain” from the Commission despite her excellent record. It was later found out that only defense attorneys were given review forms. Not a single DA in Stan Garnett was given a review to fill out; but Mr. Garnett thereafter wrote reviews of his own giving her an A+. Mr. Wagner passed it off as an “Anomaly”. I had a statistical sample professor from DU do a calculation on what the odds would be of have 127 reviews received and not one of them was from a DA? The answer, 7 Billion to 1. Even after he was informed of the discrepancy, he failed to rectify the situation. Another example is in Judge Pratt’s review. He arbitrarily skipped two years of reviews out of six. Yet Mr. Wagner can point to no where in the statute that allows him to do that. Additionally, they did not send out reviews to any pro-se litigants. His latest excuse for that is that they have an unpublished rule that exempts such litigants as those in a rule 120 hearing from receiving a review. The Judicial Performance Evaluation Director and his office is doing everything possible to arbitrarily protect some judges while crucifying others. All of this is at the expense of the public who are being corruptly coaxed into voting for judges that instead should be disbarred; and persuaded from voting from other judges that have done nothing other than get sideways with someone up the judicial pecking order.
    I would ask you vote no on Judge Pratt and all other judges being considered for retention until such time as the process is fixed and transparent. For a complete 60 pg report on the judicial performance commission please email me at JUDICIALPERFORMANCEREVIEW@GMAIL.COM.

  • Veto says:

    I will make it easy for you.

    Throw the BUMS out!!!

    Every single one of them!

    That is my protest vote for same sex marriage in Colorado. (Just because POTUS is gay…)

    The people spoke. The judges overturned.

    Goodbye judges!

  • Annoymous says:

    I want people to be aware that their are judges through the District Court (s) in Colorado that make ruling in the division of “mental health”, such as Judge Phelps and Judge Murphy. I do not believe their is enough true transparency – “privacy” used as a means to deny true justice and scrutiny, adequate means of voting these judges out of their office, as well as violations of civil and religious rights that have taken place without acknowledgment and just due process. The basis for this type of court branch and its ability to order forced drugging/”medications” and confinement upon people (legal in Colorado) because of its adoption of largely secular and so called “science” that elevates these paradigms above other basis and practices, as well as choices the people should be given, has led to the deaths of people who were court ordered under these types of courts – division. There are areas of our court system that use privacy as means to covertly and unjustly silence, not acknowledge and trespass people’s rights and freedoms in very tyrannical ways and means. Other means of help for people is not being adequately given as choices with financial backing in the current medical-legal-enforcement- financial/insurance industries/mechanisms such as places that use natural means of health and healing. The promotion of licensed professionals, including lawyers and doctors, has increased so much and in such a manner to deny the real consideration of root realities that are never given their due attention and real justice in many of our court rooms and judges orders.
    One avenue for complaints to change the judicial system for the better and remove judges as well, that might be effective is at under “public comments”. If these two judges (named above) are listed on any ballots either this election or in future ones, please vote not to retain!!!!!!!

  • Samantha Gentala says:

    Please do NOT RETAIN Judge Cheryl Rowles-Stokes, 18th District Arapahoe County Court Judge. I personally witnessed her violate a defendant’s constitutional right to face his accuser, play extremely “fast and loose” with the law, as well as her complete disregard of facts! She shows absolute bias, allows DA’s to “lie and wait” during trials. The second a defendant walks into her courtroom, she views him as guilty and it shows! She abuses her authority and is on a constant “power trip” waiting for any opportunity to “show you who’s boss”!

  • anonymous says:

    All Jefferson County Colorado voters:
    Judge Margie Enquist
    is up for retention, this is the judge that didn’t know what to do in 2005, so went ahead and gave my kids to my ex who is not the biological father to either of my kids.
    Her ruling ruined my family and it have taken me 9 years to even be on a position to fix the harms of he lack of knowledge of what was best for my family. This was a careless and damaging ruling. People’s lives have been ruined, relationships destroyed and A LOT OF MONEY MADE BY HER COURT APPOINTED CRONIES.
    It has also been reported by the Denver Post, Enquist enjoys working on Saturdays placing Colorado children into their forever homes, in a State that has one of the highest “failed to death” children through CPS, who is failing its audit.

  • VOTE NO JUDGE AMICO 18th Judical DIstrict says:

    Judge Michelle Amico came to the 18th Judicial as a former Denver Prosecutor. In Family Court Judge Amico maintained her demeanor as a prosecutor toward parents, especially many fathers. Judge Amico made rulings without hearing from both parties. Judge Amico did not require evidence. She has convicted loving parents and removed or limited their parenting time based soley on hearsay and without the need to hear from the other party.

    One prominent Arapahoe County Family Law Firm stated that Judge Amico has caused more havoc and damage to families in her first term on the bench than they have ever seen any Judge accomplish. I myself witnessed Judge Amico in action on many occasions. Judge Amico has a habit of pointing her finger at families in the viewing area and yelling at them when she has been told hearsay from the other party. She does not allow the accused to defend themselves. She judges them and sanctions them.

    Judge Amico was told by a mother that the dad might take their child out of state with less than 30 days notice. Without giving the dad the opportunity to respond and say absolutely no, this was not his plan, Judge Amico took the child after they had shared 50/50 joint custody for nearly a decade. She only allowed supervised visits. The attorney representing the dad said he had never seen a Judge act like this in court. He told that dad that he believed that Judge Amico would not listen to him. The attorney stated that he had never seen such a mean presentation by a Judge. Because the attorney had to work with the Judge in the future he stated that he feared her and he would not challenge her.

    Judge Amico has not allowed due process in many family custody cases. Judge Amico cannot continue as a prosecutor of families who are going through difficult custody disputes.

    Since September 28, 2014, nearly 800 VOTE NOT JUDGE AMICO SIGNS HAVE BEEN STOLEN from the 18th Judicial District. One eye witness observed a man in a black pick up truck with license plate #CO 787 RJL stealing VOTE NO JUDGE AMICO SIGNS on three separate occasions. He has pictures of this man.
    1. How is this man connected to Judge Amico?
    2. How did someone know not to take the signs across the street from the Arapahoe County Justice Center until Oct. 14? While all other signs near the Justice Center were removed earlier.
    3. The value of the signs stolen is over $2100. This is a Class 4 Felony with a jail sentence of up to one year and a $2500 fine.
    4. If Judge Amico was a party to this crime she will be charged as a co-conspirator to a Class 4 Felony Theft.
    STEP DOWN JUDGE AMICO!!! You are not above the law!
    ~~From the VOTE NO JUDGE AMICO Committee

  • Arapahoe County Bar Member says:

    The information posted about Judge Amico is outright false. When she was in the domestic relations division, she made very thoughtful decisions. She cares very much about children and families. She is now in a criminal division. She is very well respected by the family law bar, who are the attorneys who regulary appeared in front of her and 88 percent of those attorneys voted to retain her when they were surveyed. I encourage people to read her surveys and reviews and not just the comments made by this one “group.” This is clearly someone who takes issue with an adverse ruling she made. And I personally saw a code enforcement crew from the city of centennial pick up signs from the courthouse and learned that they were picked up because they were illegally placed on city property.

  • Al Moncrief says:


    For decades I refused to believe it, but it is now incontrovertibly established. The Colorado Supreme Court is indisputably a political actor. Our Colorado Supreme Court exists to serve Colorado political parties. At present, the Colorado Supreme Court is more rightly considered an adjunct of the Colorado Legislative Branch, than a check on the Colorado Legislative Branch. Rather than “truth-seeking,” the Colorado Supreme Court now sees its role as “political-outcome seeking.” Litigants successfully use the Colorado Supreme Court to achieve political purposes. In the Ralph Carr Justice Center, rather than meeting impartial guardians of the law, litigants meet their political allies on the bench.

    “I think there are many who think of judges as politicians in robes. In many states, that’s what they are.” “They seem to think judges should be a reflex of the popular will.”

    Sandra Day O’Connor

    In this article, I provide an example of the political and partisan role of the Colorado Supreme Court. I describe a case in which the Colorado Supreme Court summarily erases billions of dollars of debt owed by Colorado state and local governments. That is, one branch of Colorado state government relieves another branch of Colorado government of its legal debts.

    The case involves Colorado statutory contracts that create financial obligations on the part of Colorado governments. Over decades, political considerations induced the Colorado Legislature to mismanage those financial obligations. In recent years, the terms of those statutory contracts were deemed politically inconvenient and politically unpopular. The Legislative Branch asked the Colorado Supreme Court to discard the contracts.

    In 2010, the Colorado Legislative Branch requested that the Colorado Supreme Court grant this political favor by ignoring the Contract Clause of the US Constitution, ignoring the history of legislative mismanagement of these state financial obligations, and relieving Colorado governments of their accrued legal debts.

    In this article, I address the Colorado Supreme Court’s lack of independence, integrity, and impartiality. I provide a brief history of the efforts of the Colorado Legislature and the Colorado Supreme Court to escape Colorado governmental financial obligations. I comment on the recent (October, 2014) Colorado Supreme Court Decision itself, which summarily erased these billions of dollars of Colorado public sector debt. I highlight some of the numerous factual and logical errors that exist in the Colorado Supreme Court’s Decision in the case. I express incredulity at the Colorado Supreme Court’s willful ignorance of public pension administration, knowledge that was necessary to any court claiming to “seek truth” in the case.

    My intent in writing this article is to enhance the public record of, and further document, what I consider to be one of the greatest “crimes” in Colorado history.

    Visit the following link for the complete article:

  • Larry Wallace says:

    Julie Kuntz Field, 8th Judicial District, needs to be disbarred. I witnessed testimony in her court that gave a father, who had never entered into the life of his son, total parental control over Stacy Lynne’s son Jayden after witness testimony that this man had threatened the life of the child and his mother. Stacy had dared to share with the public the corruption of Agenda 21 and I.C.L.E.I. and it’s effect on small business’s in Ft Collins. She was a political threat that needed to be taught a lesson and the judge took care of the dirty work by blatantly caring out this injustice. I have advise for this judge, the good book says: “What a man soweth, so shall he reap!” !

  • Dawn Werner says:

    I had a very negative experience with 4th Judicial District (El Paso County) District Judge, Honorable Barbara L. Hughes in 2010, and found her to be either corrupt and/or incompetent.

    In the summer of 2010, while Judge Hughes was still a Magistrate in the El Paso County District Court, she heard a case for Emergency Guardianship for 10-year-old twin girls that was initiated by their paternal grandmother. This “Emergency Guardianship” was nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt by their paternal grandmother to take custody away from their mother and father, who were separated, and shared joint custody of the girls.

    Magistrate Hughes “fact-finding” had no basis in factual data. Magistrate Hughes awarded visitation rights to the paternal grandmother (who had not lived in the state of Colorado in the previous 24 months, and was staying at a Colorado Springs hotel during the proceedings). Magistrate Hughes ordered the appointment of a Guardian ad litem for the girls (which could not be fulfilled because a Guardian ad litem can only be appointed in Dependency and Neglect cases, which this was not). The mother of the twin girls refused to comply with the visitation order, due to concerns over the mental stability of the paternal grandmother. Magistrate Hughes charged the mother with contempt of court – for not allowing her children to stay in a hotel room with paternal grandmother and paternal great-grandmother, neither of which were residents of the state of Colorado.

    Several months, and tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees later, the mother of the children has a contempt of court citation on her permanent record, and the maternal grandmother (me) has a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and 25 years of good credit destroyed due to legal fees. This “case” should have never been heard in any Colorado Courtroom.

    Judge Hughes should not be retained. She is most likely one of our previous Governor’s (Bill Ritter) left-wing cronies.

  • Michelle says:

    I had misgivings when voting to retain judge Michael Spear. I should have went with my gut. He should not be sitting on the bench. Clearly he is biased, and makes judgements not in the best interest of the children but instead on how people look and what kind of jobs they hold. Let me ask you something Judge Spear, how would you like your children’s fate to be in the hands of someone like described above? You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Clare says:

    Would love to understand WHY Broomfield Judge Amy Bockman is allowed to profit from and continue to give illegal/unreasonable AND completely unrealistic sentences

  • Makassa jones says:

    Judge Randall Arp is the best judge Ive seen in a long while. Not because things were in my favor, but because he actually reviewed the evidence and facts without prejudice. He has full control of the courtroom and is persuaded by facts, not fast talk!

  • Matt Yadron says:

    I felt compelled to make a posting here as I am absolutely astonished by the comment on 1/25/15 from Makassa Jones regarding Judge Randall Arp. My divorce/child custody case experience in front of Judge Arp is completely different and quite frankly, just appalling.

    He reviewed the evidence and facts of my case WITH prejudice. He WAS persuaded by fast talk, NOT the facts of the case. In the end, even though Judge Arp said it was NOT in the Best Interest of the Child, he ruled/ordered that my child (a 3 year old little girl at the time) be removed and ripped away from me immediately to live 5,000 miles away in Sweden. As expected, The Court of Appeals fully REVERSED and REMANDED Judge Arp’s ruling based on Error of Law and Abuse of Discretion. After the Appellate Court ruling, Judge Arp refused to have another hearing or bring my daughter back home where she belongs. I am awaiting now a ruling from the Appellate Court on my second appeal. If Judge Arp had no qualms about sending my child 5,000 miles away merely for the asking, he could do the same thing to any other father. Judge Arp is not morally fit to be on the bench as he believes it is perfectly fine to take away little girls from their father and send them 5000 miles away to live permanently. Judge Arp must be removed or be forced to resign.

  • Bill says:

    Regarding Magistrate Beth Elliot-Dumler recently I had interaction with lady and saw her her live. She epitomizes what is wrong with the judicial system. I have no idea how this lady actually became a magistrate, but her basic common sense decisions are worrisome. Also to have a person like this overseeing the well being of our children is scary.

  • Paul says:

    Just got out of Judge Cisneros court room. I knew I was screwed when I watched her grill a man for 15 minutes when all she was doing was approving a child support agreement the parties had already agreed to in writing, and several times verbally to her.

    Now, I admit that I stopped paying my spousal support when I could no longer afford it, and am 19 months behind, however, this was a child support hearing. My ex is pretty clearly under-employed (she is making less than 25% of the median income for her job, and is in fact 30% of the state average for that job with someone of her experience). She worked for the guy she sleeps with until she asked for a modification, and now works for one of his buddies. All I expected was that the standard that would be applied to me would be reasonably and fairly applied to her. I was asking for my ex to be imputed 35% of median, which was 50% of the average for that job and experience. Far less that I would be imputed in the same circumstances.

    I make a good income, but my ObamaCare compliant policy is $1600/mo for myself and my kids, and my tax burden almost doubled in the last 4 years. Judge Cisneros was incredulous that my health care cost was so high, and made me justify every line-item. She refused to believe that I could not “find a lower cost policy”. I explained that I could, but the deductibles would be several times higher, and neither I nor my ex could afford that. She again made me justify several line items (additional emergency room expense coverage, long term hospital coverage, etc).

    Judge Cisneros refused to consider that my ex was not seeking employment at the level she is capable of (and has worked at before). She gave total credence to my ex’s statements that she couldn’t work in her previous industry (web design) without any evidence, and refused to give my statements any credence “because I was no longer on the stand”, even though my ex acknowledged that I am far knowledgeable than her in IT.

    Finally, the judge, who didn’t like my comment on the increased cost of health insurance due to ObamaCare or my offer to provide my cancellation notices from my previous policies, and who had decided the instant she heard I was behind on spousal support, decided that she was going to make an example of me, stating she was going to award my ex $2800/mo of my $3800/mo take home pay.

    After consulting with the Child Support Services lawyer, she graciously lowered it to $2050/mo. I now have enough to pay my morgage and buy groceries, OR pay my car and insurance, gas, groceries and cell phone. My mortgage is $1500/mo, but renting an appropriate 3BR house or apartment in Colorado Springs will be at least $1200, so that really isn’t an option.

    Bottom line, Judge Cisneros, through her annoyance at my bad decision and my political beliefs, decided my ex needed almost $4200/mo take home with no mortgage, and that I only need $1800 even though I have to pay the mortgage on the home my ex still owns half of (by the divorce order).

    I understand her desire to punish me for being behind on spousal support, but any rational person can easily concede that this is far beyond punishment and well into abuse.

    Finally, she closed by stating that if I fail to pay, or commit the egregious act of explaining to my 14 and 12 year olds why I may lose the house (which she would consider contempt of the divorce order requiring me to keep it current), she WILL throw me in jail.

    This woman should not be a judge. She shouldn’t be a supervisor, a manager, or a consultant. She likes the power of the bench, and is not afraid to abuse it if she thinks she needs to make a point. Even if it means forcing someone into a position that will cost them their job, their home, and ultimately access to their children.

    I simply cannot meet the terms of her order, and will therefore end up in jail at some point. That will eliminate any option of continuing to make even 50% of what I make now, as the best paying jobs will no longer be available to me. How’s that for “justice”? Being “in the children’s best interest”?

  • Anonymous says:

    How (Judge)Michael Spear ended up in Family Court is astonishing. My teenage son was suicidal, hospitalized twice, citing verbal, emotional and physical abuse from his father, my ex-husband. He was hospitalized in a psych facility twice in six months and stated that he would kill himself if he were forced to go to his father’s house. His psychiatrist testified, his pediatrician testified, his social worker testified, all stating the same thing – that my son would be a danger to himself if forced to go to his dad’s. Despite this expert testimony, Spear (I refuse to address him as “Judge”, trust me, I have other words to describe this abomination to the legal system) ordered my son to resume visitation immediately with his dad.

    When we were in court, my ex did not have legal counsel and represented himself. He proceeded to blast me with insults, accusations and outright lies. Spear told him that he was supposed to only stick to questions and that he would not consider any of my ex’s ramblings, yet in the final court order, he references several times the absurd statements my ex made.

    I have a Protection Order against my ex because of his constant harassment and stalking (since 2007). This was granted by Judge Marilyn Antrim (God bless her). Does that not speak volumes itself??? Not for Spear.

    I seriously doubt whether this guy even reads the documentation or even considers evidence or expert testimony. And, while this is hearsay, I’ve heard several law enforcement professionals state the same.


  • James says:

    Judge David Archuleta in Boulder is not fair and does not listen to both sides of the story. He should not be retained. He favors women and those not from the U.S.A. I think he gets bribes from people he is not ethical. Also, he does not like anyone who is conservatie and says that they don’t like Obama. This Judge should go ASAP, he has been there too long. I will do my best and vote this wanna be judge out and you can help me out by not to retain him if you live in Boulder County.

  • Rhonda Cirillo says:

    I can’t believe we have judges on the bench in this country that are allowed to take kids out a of stable home. Corruption is obvious. Judge Julie K. Field is going to face the ultimate judge one day and I wonder what she will say for harming a little kid. My GOD Larimer County why is the judge still on the bench? Field along with Ritter and Stryker and even some of the police involved with this mess should be in jail for doing what they’ve done. It is blatantly obvious the court system in America has been corrupted and I no longer trust any of it. Not a single person that knows went on was willing to stand up and say no, even to save a child? Pathetic.

  • Robin Austin says:

    Colorado Family Went From An American Dream to A Probate Nightmare
    July 10, 2015 Story by Robin
    Edwin and Marion grew up in the United States and served our country during World War II. Marion worked in the war plant. Edwin was wounded in the Battle of the Coral Sea was one hundred percent disabled and so received a pension. They were married in 1950. Edwin and Marion raised 7 children. Marion worked for 20 years as supervisor of housekeeping at National Jewish Hospital and Lowry AFB. They purchased 6 properties, cars, and motorcycles from police auctions, and eventually owned the biggest antique car collection in Colorado (115 cars). They built an empire worth over 10 million dollars. Edwin and Marion planned carefully to preserve their legacy. They found an attorney in Denver who specializes in estate planning, who recommended a revocable trust, which could be amended during my father’s lifetime, and became irrevocable upon his death. This was to ensure our family followed his wishes and maintained control of his assets. The American Dream turned into a Probate Nightmare. Arapahoe Probate Court took our family trust. Judge Timothy Fasing was the judge. All assets were liquidated and monies paid to court officials and attorneys. All it takes is one arguing family member to contest your will or for you to become incapacitated! Your children’s college funds, businesses, properties, cars, family homes, prized possessions, everything gone! Your surviving parent, spouse, or your incapacitated family member can become a ward to probate. Court officials then take control of your loved one, often denying family visits. Your personal money is drained as you are forced to hire attorneys to defend what used to be yours. Your family can be evicted from their homes, your loved one isolated, held against their will, and medicated. Court officials can threaten you with contempt charges if you seek justice and you can be falsely accused even though you have done nothing wrong, restraining orders can be enforced while the legacy you built dwindles away.
    If this happens to you there is very little you can do to stop it individually. This is why it is important to become active through groups like NASGA (National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse) (Coalition Of Families For Elder Rights) AAAPG.NET (Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardians) and
    F.A.C.E.U.S. Families Against Court Embezzlement Unethical Standards contact us
    Litigate, Liquidate, Isolate, Medicate, Steal the Estate, Not Hesitate, Celebrate!
    Shame On You Probate!!

  • Vote “NO” on
    Judge Timothy Fasing
    Arapahoe District Court, 18th Judicial District
    He is the worst Judge!! He took our family Trust worth over 5 million and appointed Tamra Palmer a Public Administrator who was dismissed in 2014. She sold 4 of our properties cheap, forced us to sell our antique car collection (75) destroying our car business. My brother, sister and my mother homeless, on food stamps and medicaid. He is heartless does not care about families. He would not let us speak in his courtroom. He voided my parents wishes to pass their inheritance to their family. PLEASE, PLEASE VOTE NO ON THE RETENTION OF Judge Timothy Fasing. I heard he may step down, I hope so. He should go in Disgrace! He favors his court officials not families. He rubber stamps huge accounting fees and leaves the Heirs with nothing! You will not be happy ending up in his court. Your Trust and Wills are not safe!!!

  • bob says:

    the mesa county dist attorney is corrupt!! its pretty sad when they listen to a complete liar, who worked with police. to set up a person , make flase statements.we had tapes of the person who made the charges, stateing that the police set on his couch and was laughting how they made up charges,the person who filed them did so becos no one would give him drug”s so now any thing we try to give as proff they say its no good we had 10 people who say that what hes being charged with is complete lies but they wont except them but the 3 liars that filed charges any thing they say is like gold. and all three have long crimal records!!the public deffender is worse than the da he should be bared from pratice

  • kay says:

    Judge LaBuda was arrogant, biased and couldn’t be bothered to do her job. She refused to admit evidence and was dismissive. Get rid of her.

  • Anonymous says:

    Judge Dubois for El Paso County 4th Judicial Court District, not only showed extreme bias in Divorce/Custody case, but has put a child in harm. During the hearings this Judge did gave preferential treatment towards the father/respondent, she listened to all of his claims, his praises of himself, his lies on the stand, and she asked him questions to help him along. This was a case where the mother had no choice but to work full-time because the father has an extreme personality disorder and refused to work full-time. The Judge ordered split custody, thereby taking the young child out of the loving and nurturing home he was in, and placed him in a home where the there is drug use and neglect.
    On a second hearing, this same Judge dismissed evidence of the child being exposed to a drug and left the orders as is. The bias shown was against a battered and hard-working mom, who puts her child first, so to give a neglectful father more time to neglect his son. This is another case of woman-on-woman bias, bias against women who have no other good choice but to work. Due to this bias this small child has to deal with neglect, being exposed to drugs, parental alienation, and emotional abuse.

  • David Murphy says:

    My sister has no income and has been sick with heart issues and did not try to renew her tags now for 7 months after they expired. It’s a damn $100 dollar late fee and she has no income. They want her to pay $177 dollars renewal fee which the late fee is more than the tag fee. This is a violation of Tabor to collect more than the fees. They need to fix this.

  • Rick G says:

    we already pay the ownership tax on a trade in vehicle and we must also pay the full ownership tax on a new vehicle is this double taxation?

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