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This page is a forum for visitors to the site to contribute your own stories about how YOU have been adversely affected by the rulings of Colorado’s rogue supreme court.  Have your property taxes gone up because of the recent Mill Levy Tax ‘Freeze’ ruling?  Has your business or other property been seized by abuse of eminent domain sanctioned by this court? Or have you been affected in some other way?

Colorado Supreme Court rulings aren’t just dry, academic legal decisions  – they impact real people, causing real pain.  Write your own comments below:

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  • Pissedoffincolorado says:

    Us, Coloradoans need to quit being lazy and get rid of the money hungry people who don’t get a damn about us people, our rights.

    There is a reason there is a voting system. They need to LISTEN to the voter!!

  • Jeff Sacco says:

    Jeffco Voters and Friends,

    I could use your help! Other than Clearing the Bench at the Colorado Supreme Court level, do you have any strong convictions or are you aware of any activist judges up for retention in Jeffco or at the Court of Appeals level? Yes, I do support our constitutional judges and appreciate your assistance.

    I have had personal experience with two Jeffco judges. Unfortunately, Judge Oeffler is not up for retention and will continue to overstep her boundaries as a judge, IMHO.

    On the other hand, I find that Judge Munsinger is respectful, patient, fair, and that he will follow the rule of law. Once again, IMHO, I urge Jeffco voters to vote “yes” on Judge Munsinger. My personal experience suggests that Judge Munsinger is a proponent of transparency and the rule of law – enough said.

  • mimi crist says:

    Judges in Pueblo need to be removed. Especially Judge Crockenberg, Judge Rayes, and Judge Mayes. Many judges in colorado come out of the law firm of Peterson and Fonda. The politics is all criminal with these men. We can’t get a fair trial when these judges are criminally linked to protect their friends. Judge Crockenberg refused to allow to me discovery in a rape case and Judge Rayes backed him up, as did the appeals and supreme court. The doctor had been molesting and raping women for years and women were afraid to stand up. He is a registered sex molester now and everyone who stood up to him is afraid. Judges don’t back up women. Clear the court in Denver. Then clear the court in Pueblo.

  • Please keep this link as a resource when 18th District Court Judge Hannen comes up for retention. Hannen thinks it is fine for officials of the Ruling Party to shove candidates off the ballot in order to punish them for bolting said Ruling Party in order to run against an incumbent. One who, by the way, has returned to office time and again because not a single vote CAN be cast against him … 2010 is the first time he can’t get back in by just voting for himself!

  • Mike C says:

    The biggest problem I have in my business is the fact that there is no penalty for
    people who don’t pay or don’t perform. People can do what they want because
    the worst they have to do is pay what they owe or perfomr what they were supposed to in the first place.

    The courts have no empathy for this and have treated me as a plaintiff as if I were the criminal. Judges are asleep on the bench with their eyes open. They are more respondent to those who kiss their butts then findings of fact or rules of law.
    Burden of proof is set so high that if you don’t have every “I” dotted and “T” crossed
    you lose automatically, regardless of the justice.

    This is no secret and many people take advantage of these facts and that you don’t want to go to court and will try and beat you up or where you down so that some of the biggest costs never see a court room in terms of settling out or eating losses
    in order to avoid litigation.

    The result is that the bad guys hold the cards in our system of “justice”.
    Most judges I have encountered are mostly arrogant and/or apathetic, unknowledgable, havetheir own agenda etc.

    I think that the majority of people keep retaining judges because they don’t have much first hand experience in a courtroom ( such as the self employed who must chase money) . They believe the brainwash about “liberty and justice for all”.
    Even though that is an ideal, and life is never that perfect, the system is out of control. It’s up to the people to maintain “liberty and justice” by keeping after the numerous bad judges and magistrates.

    To accomplish this vote “no” on all judges and shake up the whole system. Even if they are “good” judges they should be “team players” and putting peer pressure on their colleagues. Just vote “no” on all judges unless you know the judge is good.

  • Mike C says:

    So many judges are arrogant and incompetent because they answer to no one.
    Make them answer by voting “No” on retention.

  • mimi crist says:

    While in the suprmem court I had to have two seious operaations and treatment for cancer. The doctors said this had to be. The judges on the supreme court said I could not have the time for the operations and cancer treatment. My mind was completely foggy and recovery from the operaations needed quiet time and no stress. Needless to say I could not do the work. These supreme court judges are twested and evil. Vote them out. Please.


    There is no rebuttal argument for the fact that had not Mary Mullarkey* and her supporters gutted the intent and purpose of Tabor, she wouldn’t have been able to borrow the $280M to build a new courthouse. The current cost for having the Supreme Court in the Denver Post building is $1.1M per year. At that rate; it would take over 250 years to equal just the cost of construction of the new memorial. What is so ironic about this is that if the Judiciary continues down this path; there will be no purpose for a Supreme Court. Attorney and democratic historian Alexander Tytler, found that democracies are not linear but circular and all eventually degrade (because of corruption within) into Dictatorships. And dictators have no need for such demcratic nuances as a $280M Court building.
    Thank you Matt for all your tireless work in exposing these elitist and shameless judges who continue their hidden agendas resulting in Treason on the Constitution.

  • Greg Hagen says:

    Thanks for what you folks are doing. Many people contributing to the conversations in Colorado talk radio are not aware of the analysis and conclusions of CTBC. Although they are expressing many of the frustrations addressed in the CTBC literature, they are stating that they will vote no to all judges. I am surprised that even hosts (KOA) that interviewed CTBC earlier in the campaign have not brought the organization up in a response. I appreciate the fact that you are being outspent in this campaign, but it is just as important to retain good, Constitutionally mindful judges as it is to throw out the bad ones. This may work out fine in theory since they may put the no votes of Clear the Bench over the top, but in this unique election season, the number of no votes out of frustration with the status-quo could dangerously imperil a good judge. I just want to say your message is NOT getting out there as effectively as it could be, even if only to have Clear the Bench representatives contact these hosts, or even call in to the shows in this all-critical last few hours before the election.

  • TheWatcher says:

    I notice the Denver Post says that 96% of the vote is in and the Supreme Court is retained by approx. 60% Yes votes to 40% No votes. The Appeals Court is a little higher…65% Yes votes and 35% No votes. A surprising turnout for the NO vote.

  • What is needed is not just a vote yes or no, but rather a Constitutional Amendment that would force ALL Judges to have to seek election and/or re-election to the Bench with an Opponent. Thereby giving WE THE PEOPLE a true choice. This Nation is a Constitutional Republic, and it is time WE THE PEOPLE took back our rights to include selecting who will be our Judges, not have them choosen by their fellow members of the legal profession who will then in turn handle cases before them.

    Clear the Bench Colorado, should be advocating an Amendment to the State Constitution that gives the Citizens of Colorado a real choice, and that is simply electing the people we want as judges, or continue under a Judicial Dictatorship.

  • Julie Allen says:

    I am the wife of a person who has been wronged by the Denver County court system. Unfortunately, we are from another state and only have had this experience because we were doomed to fly through Denver on our way home. My husband was NEVER given a lawyer (violation of his 6th Amendment right to effective counsel). He has been lied to and about. The city atty, Peter Frigo (imho a devil worshipping scienctologist with his biggest accomplishment being the “inventor” of the “personal hand held noise maker” whatever that is) calling my house, not identifying himself and behaving in a threatening manner (I recognized his voice). After I filed a motion for dismissal with Judge Satter, this city atty. WAITED until the DAY BEFORE COURT to address this, KNOWING there was NO way for us to get 2 states away for court (not only that, but I did not write to him, I wrote to the JUDGE). They also said they offered my husband a plea bargain at arraignment. How could that be when he never said a WORD at that hearing? Furthermore, I have NEVER been in a situation where the cops taken someone’s WORD w/o any other evidence and take a person to jail and the person only being identified by “witnesses” when he is already in handcuffs. But that’s what happened in Denver County. Not only that, those officers (if you can call them that) were downright MEAN to my CHILDREN! How can you justify telling a 9 yr old little girl who is crying over seeing her Daddy being led off in handcuffs “you need to get it together”? If cops just take people’s word for these things, then I can send anyone I want to jail just by accusing them. I guess in Colorado, you are GUILTY until, somehow by the grace of God Himself, you are proven innocent. Not only that, but to have these same officers LIE in their reports. One sentence says that my husband refused to speak or cooperate with this investigation and in the next one, they said he said this or that. So which is it?? I have never been treated like this by any public officials as I have been by the city and county of Denver, Co. No wonder Dog the Bounty Hunter has to come and help all the bounty hunters in Colorado. Nobody wants to go to court!!!!!!!!!! Every person I spoke (or tried to), with the exception of 2, were so rude and hostile. One woman actually hung up on me! And these are the public officials that are representing the state of Colorado. Believe me, I will NEVER walk, fly, swim, crawl, whatever through that state ever again in my ENTIRE life! This BS has single handedly destroyed our family as we knew it. Our 9 yr. old turns 10 in a couple of weeks and her Daddy, who has NEVER missed a b-day since she’s been born cannot even come to her party! I have tried everything to fix this, but nobody would help us or listen to us. A YEAR for disturbing the peace??? You gotta be KIDDING me! In our state it’s a $35 fine. Whoever oversees this site can show this to Mr. Frigo: My husband will return to your state to answer to your false allegations is, if you’re still around in a hundred years and you bring him out of the cemetery in a body bag. Sorry, for this being so long. I appreciate you having this site so that others can see what is really going on in the courts of Colorado. I only wish we’d have known this BEFORE we flew through this state. We are law abiding folks who, despite being both disabled, are trying to raise our family the best we can with what we have. We pray every day, that someone will help us and we can put this awful experience behind us. OUr children have been traumatized and frankly have lost all respect for law enforcement. How can they have any when they see what they did to their Daddy, and were treated badly by them for no reason whatsoever. The worse thing that happened, was that these same officers looked our children right in the eye and said “don’t worry your Dad will be right behind you tomorrow”. They knew damn good and well that wasn’t going to happen, yet they had no problem LYING to children. I’m for getting rid of all your public officials and starting over. At least the ones who do whatever they want at the expense of others. Thank you and God bless.

  • Julie Allen says:

    I did forget to ask one question of your readers: has anyone had any experience with either Judge Raymond Satter or City Atty Peter Frigo? I would love to hear about it whether it be fair or unfair treatment by either or both. Thank you.

  • Rob Q says:

    A Denver judge has thrown out a lawsuit challenging a law that lowers cost-of-living increases in pensions for state retirees.

    The Denver Post reports that District Judge Robert Hyatt tossed the lawsuit Wednesday before it could go to trial. He disagreed with the argument that a law cutting the increases nullifies the contract with the Colorado Public Employees Retirement Association.

    Wyatt ruled the retirees have a contractual right to their pension, but not to a specific formula for cost-of-living raises. Last year, the Legislature passed a bill aimed at ensuring the pension fund’s long-term solvency by reducing the increases, expected to be 3.5 percent last year. Budget officials had warned that without changes, the plan would go broke in 20 years. The pension programs covers more than 400,000 public employees.

  • I also had a terrible experience with the Colorado courts and John Gleason.

    I lived on Princeton Ave in Steamboat Springs across from a convicted drug dealer who was president of the city council.

    I was criminally prosecuted because I complained that the Bennetts built extra buildings that violated the zoning. City and county officials tried to pass off a detached two story 2000 sq foot plus building with heating and plumbing that parked only two vehicles as a two car attached garage. They allowed a civilian Jane Bennett to sign a police summons and complaint that can only be signed by a police officer who actually witnesses a crime in progress. There was no crime in progress and she wasn’t a police officer. The police report shows only that I complained about zoning violations while I was standing on the street in front of my home and she was with 4 men at a distance. There was no warrant, no probable cause hearing, and no prosecutor’s signature. Jane Bennett claimed under oath that I went on her property and scared her construction workers but their testimony under oath was that they only saw me on my own property or coming and going and that they weren’t scared of me. The prosecutor violated state law by dismissing the prosecution without an oral hearing, which I requested. Then she issued a public statement that Jane Bennett was my victim but a trial was too expensive. The prosecutors’ husband was a real estate speculator and Bennett helped him get a permit for a new ski area which he tried to sell in the WSJ classified for $20 million, a big profit.

    The Routt County judge James Garrecht issued a restraining order on me without a statutory basis. He claimed in court that he was doing it because there was a pending criminal prosecution and that it would go away when the criminal prosecution ended but then he refused to take it away. Jane Bennett followed me around town asking the police to arrest me whenever she could get near me. She filed a police report saying that she followed me trying to take my picture to prove I was near her and therefore I should be arrested. Her lawyer Randall Klauzer agreed with Judge Garrecht that I molested Jane Bennett even though she stated under penalty of perjury that there was no offensive touching, I hadn’t been following her around town, and it had been years since I had called her.

    I was also forced to give up my rights to Princeton Ave, as an adjoining property owner, and to sell the Bennetts’ land for $1 under threat of criminal prosecution in municipal court, with the judge reporting to the city council, because my employee trimmed without a trimming permit, even though the city never ever issued a trimming permit to anyone and didn’t have a trimming permit form. The assistant city attorney sent threatening letters.

    I complained to OARC about these events and they thought the lawyers acted perfectly fine.

  • Ian says:

    Ok CBC, you have a combat proven United States Special Forces soldier who’s served multiple deployments in his career. He has a vindictive ex-girlfriend who had a restraining order issued to him by her. The ex claims to be oh so intimidated and threatened by him, even though he lives in Washington, DC. She has continued to contact him and his family regardless of the restraining order. The ex continues to coerce him into meeting up with her and continuing contact with him. Now his career and livelihood is in jeopardy because Judge Johnny Barajas doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to address and rectify this issue with this woman who’s going out of her way to make my life a living hell. Your honor, I no longer reside in the state of Colorado and she still contacts me. I’m a Green Beret, not some hoodlum off the street. Now, you wish to take a man of my application, knowledge, skillset and resourcefulness and turn me into a man with nothing to lose because your lack the testicular fortitude to blow the whistle on this woman’s word?

  • Kasey Wakula says:

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  • Kristen Burroughs says:

    This has nothing to do with Colorado … yet … but I’m wondering if you would write about the possible responses the US legislature has to the executive branch’s refusal to obey the request for documents dealing with the Solandra debacle.

    Can the executive simply refuse to comply?

    If so, what recourse does the legislature have?

    Is it appropriate for the legislature to go to the Supremes at this point?

    What happens if the executive destroys the docs or refuses to obey the Supreme Court ruling, assuming they rule that the WH must turn over the documents?

    If the WH stonewalls the SC and the Leg, is impeachment the last recourse?

    Just wonderin’

  • Scott says:

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants” (in this case liberal judges).
    Thomas Jefferson

  • Troy Johnson says:

    Hi, this is a out the 20th judicial district Boulder,Longmont police, and courts. This time, they falsified evidence destroyed the videos that proved their lie, the have purposely left off officers and judge plum did everything to take advantage, not allowing witnesses, kept the truth from his court,they had two judges and destroyed the file of the first case, they keep you from getting discovery once by drawing his gun! On e a cop kicked my van made up a charge, defective vehicle after spinning around at 65mph to harass not o ly that when I went to court the cop lied the judge already had his judgement before the court and when I stood and told the truth, the judge sat me down took all other cases( leaving me at the defendants table a d when the court roo
    Was clear of all citizens(witnesses) the judge brought In 5-6-7 more nazi cops to intimidate the witness for the officers perjury, now they have infects me with a virus and they hide. Longmont is corrupt Boulder to the extreme I have to go to war with these lying cops and judges no one will stand and they always refuse discovery, Colorado cops and judge are traitors to justice and truth they lie cheat and steal to push their false charges now they take vengeance by another means DMV another irresponsible entity they don’t have to answer to anyone and hide so you can’t find them! Time for physical war they ha e no rules they follow so why do they need the courts? Remember Ramsey case the reason why the 20th judicial branch has no comment because these here don’t have any laws to follow they just send there nazi pigs, three false arrest’s and no one has to answer these are e il punks who need to be brought down!

  • Jeanne says:

    If only I could vote out Larimer County Judges! (I live in Jefferson County and not in the 8th District)

    Judge Julie Field (8th District Court/Larimer County Justice Center Courtroom 3A) threw me out of a public (custody) hearing because of something someone else did in the courtroom: They gasped when the judge ordered a grandfather to give his daughter and grandson’s address in open court. This was after the grandfather testified under oath that the “father” of his grandson had repeatedly threatened the life of his daughter and grandson. The judge ordered the man to answer the question and half a dozen people gasped in disbelief. “Officers! Clear the courtroom!” said Judge Field. Thankfully, despite a $25 per day contempt charge handed down by the judge the grandfather refused to supply the address.

    If only that was the worst. The grandfather hadn’t even been subpoenaed and was forced out of the audience to testify by the petitioner’s attorney and judge. Then the judge refused ALL of the Respondents witnesses who had been properly served.

    The judge also ordered the Respondent to give names of clients and how much they paid the Respondent in her line of work. (Respondent’s profession is that of Investigative Journalist). The Respondent successfully argued that she was bound by confidentiality and the Judge did relent on that one, but only after threatening the Respondent with Jail for contempt on that and the “address issue”. The Respondent finally wrote the coveted address on a piece of paper and handed it to the Judge. In my humble opinion, if ANYTHING happens to that Respondent, the JUDGE will be guilty as an accomplice, in reality even if she is protected “legally”. Then the JUDGE issued an order that the Respondent was not to leave Larimer County indefinitely, putting the Petitioner in a position of not being able to WORK, as her job regularly requires travel outside the county. The Respondent has never threatened in any way, shape or form that she would leave the county with her son. In fact she has emphatically stated that she intends to stay and fight for her son and against the unimaginable DISJUSTICE that Larimer County (where a prominent attorney has gone on record saying he charges double to work in that county due to pervasive corruption) has wrought against her and her son.

    The case is question is 11DR444 in Larimer County (8th District) if you want to check it out. But good luck getting a transcript. One person was quoted $150 per page for a written transcript and denied an audio version. This is AFTER the Judge ordered all phones and recording devices turned off at the beginning of trial assuring any and all spectators they could easily obtain transcripts or the audio transcript. This was before she threw everyone out. However, its a good bet that there won’t be anything in the record about the four Larimer County Sheriff’s Deputies that “attended” the Respondent (intimidation under the Color of Law – hmmmmph!) whilst onlookers were forbidden access to the courtroom.**

    Judge Julie Kunce Field. And she’s a mother herself. Go figure.

    ** – As a compare and contrast: I recently attended a sentencing hearing in Denver County Court. There were all manner of “lowlife” types there at that sentencing mill more than a dozen scruffy looking people (get over it). For the first hour there was one Denver Sheriff’s Deputy in the Courtroom. But in Larimer County they needed FOUR to guard a petite woman who I doubt weighs even 1 and a quarter.

    I get a funny taste in my throat every single time I “say the pledge”. Especially that part about Liberty and Justice for All.

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  • Jeancy says:

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  • Ken Rupp says:

    I represent my father, A. C. R., of which was sued in Probate Court for the imposition of a Constructive Trust by his three nieces over some vague and unidentifiable issues dating back almost 50 years. The original issues were related to a business relationship between A. C. R. and his sister, Mary. The Petition was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. The three nieces re-filed the same facts and information claiming an Express Trust. (Case number 2010PR660) There was a trial to the court which issued findings of fact and conclusions of law that there was no evidence of an Express Trust whereby the case was dismissed. We filed a motion for attorneys fees, of which was denied without findings and no order was issued on the Bill of Costs. This frivolous, groundless and vexatious case and the rightful award of resultant attorney’s fees as per CRS 13-17-101, are under appeal due to the error of the court and the abuse of the discretion of the court.

    Since the above actions, the three nieces have once again repackaged the exact same facts and information, opened their mother’s estate of Mary, and have re-filed their suit against A. C. R. The issue went before the court for oral arguments and was once again dismissed for the third time without the court awarding attorneys fees. Now the sisters are appealing the courts decision and we have had to defend ourselves once again by cross filing an appeal of our own for our attorneys fees.

    We have spent over $ 50,000.00 defending ourselves, not to mention the wasted time and expense of the court system. This gross dereliction of the judges duty to follow the laws of the State of Colorado are the root cause of it all.

    The problem with all of this is that the Legislature of the State of Colorado has put into effect sufficient laws to deter this type of abuse of the legal system. The judges are even instructed to ‘liberally construe the provisions of the article.’ The judges must uphold the laws of the State and must be held accountable to do so. I am in hopes that somehow, someway, there is a ‘watchdog’ organization that has some authority to shine a ‘light’ on this abuse and get the judges to act accordingly to the law. It seems as though there is a ‘good-ole-boys’ club amongst the judges and the lawyers whereby the judges are hesitant to award attorneys fees, no matter how obvious it is that a case is frivolous, groundless and vexatious because they are all buddies and the judges remember when they were just attorneys??

    What else can I do to get some justice here or to ‘shine a light’ on this travesty? I have ‘told my story’ on the Colorado Civil Justice League as well.

    Help!! Who is watching the judges?
    K. R.

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  • Dear Sirs, or madam;
    What Colorado Constitution, Sorry, no such document, it was suspended, many years ago, back in 1918, I believe, Whan Colorado Accepted from the U.S. Government, Thw War Powers Acts of 1917, Thats why Colorado is a police state, in a state of national Emergency, So was the U.S. Constitution, in March the 9th, 1933, Please read your history, It helps. Need more information from some one on Colorado Judges being freemason and illumniati, Thanks;

    This may not be the right place for this request, I am sorry, But, need help;

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  • Dennis Mercer says:

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  • Reuben Nieves says:


  • Nicole Scott says:

    Christie Bachmeyer Phillips is the most corrupt judge. She punishes decent, caring parents and hurts children. She is NOT stunning smart, she could not even pay attention during my hearing and even said she forgot why she was there, to decide what? She makes parents pay the most child support possible and she does not care about your rights to parent your own children. She is evil and is not interested in the truth, she takes one side and severly punishes the other parent. She does NOT care about the children’s best interests. She is not fair, lawyers have told me how awful she has been to their clients as well. I have no idea how she got a favorable review. She is morally corrupt and should not have the power to hurt families.

  • T Cresswell says:

    Judge Antrim is unabashed about refusing to uphold the law if she feels sorry for one of the parties and openly stated so. Refusing to oust parents of a disabled adult woman out of pity, she allowed them to brazenly refuse to pay a judgment, transfer property into a trust, transfer it out of a trust long enough to encumber the property and then transfer it back into the trust rendering the parents uncollectible. When told that these people sold a property for $178,000 in cash but refused to pay the judgment against them, her response was “you have to pay judgments or people get mad”. Dah? Despite all of this she openly stated that she was “reluctant” to find a fraudulent conveyance. Being in her courtroom was useless and a great travesty of justice took place. This woman should not be on the bench.

    Judge Mark Hannen is a dim witted procedure bound judge whose command of legal theory is missing. He threw out a very large case because of an electronic filing failure. (file too large to be transmitted with no warning that it didn’t transmit). Lacking evidence he threw it out. On motion to reconsider with full explanation of what happened, he threw the case out causing a terrible miscarriage of justice. He simply didn’t care. This man should not be on the bench.

    Judge Chris Cross is a level headed judge who came up from years on the County bench. He is experienced, good demeanor and basically does a good job though not without excessive expediency in some of his decisions. Good command of legal theory and not overly bound be procedure – retain this guy.

    Judge Tobias is a hot headed County Court criminal judge in Arapahoe county. He often lets prosecution violate constitutional rights of defendants which harms all of us by diminishing the Constitution. His sentencing is a bit harsh but not overly so. No command of legal theory. All procedure. There are worse judges but I would recommend not retaining.

  • msg says:

    To reuben nieves, it appears you filed a rule 21 petition to the supreme court on a 120 case. if that petition was denied without comment, that is the norm. a recent study came out in the colorado lawyer stating that the supreme court only issues rules to show cause in about 2% of rule 21 petitions, so 98% are, like yours, denied without comment. that doesn’t mean that the supreme court is corrupt.

  • Ken says:

    District Court Judge Elizabeth Strobel, Weld County

    Should NOT BE RETAINED in Briggle v. Briggle 08DR103 has show an extreme bias in the case and has failed to be unbiased in the case causing economic hardship, and causing me to lose my job failing to allow her orders to be complied with for the other party.

    There has been numerous filings that were reasonable and she has failed to allow any of them to be approved, denying the petitioner time with his children, or contact with them.

    This has been a malicious denial of justice and has caused irreparable harm to the petitioner and the children.

  • KMont says:

    voting from overseas this year and site was extremely helpful! Thank you so much. There are several district 18th judges that I am unsure of whether to retain or not since there are no comments regarding them on the site. Would you recommend a yes or no vote on them?

  • Peter Coulter says:

    Mr. Arnold,
    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great job on the transparent evaluations of our Colorado judges. I believe that it was very well received by those looking for some unbiased direction in deciding what judges should stay on the bench. The days of 90% retention numbers seem to be over with the input of factual background instead of the propaganda put forth by the judicial performance committee. Thanks again for your efforts.

  • DB says:

    I just want to Thank Judge Cross, for totally making a decision on a motion that was filed against my Ex-Husband that completely left me financially ruined! I don’t even think he took the time to read the motion and to make a logical decision as to what a devastating effect it had on my well being . He granted a motion that entitled my Ex to have a free for all for every bit of equipment on that property which is 5 acres and to take in his possesion anything he wanted with no consequences. He acquired about 60,000.00 dollars worth of material property and not to be accountable for his contempt of court monies owed to me. I really hope that someday you can stop and consider what effect one judgement like you made can change someones life. DB

  • Melinda says:

    Thank you for your insights on the site Sound Off! | Clear the Bench Colorado.

    They are surprisingly handy!! I really enjoyed checking out your article.

  • Anonymous commenter using fake E-mail address to shill for CEW says:

    If anyone’s interested the court decision that resolved the merits of the CEW case, the opinion is at

    As the opinion clearly states, CEW won at the trial court level and that victory was upheld on appeal. The claim that CTB somehow won this case is based on a procedural issue (CEW was deemed to have filed its entirely meritorious case too early and did in fact have to pay some of CTB’s attorney fees, a result which runs contrary to the notion that you only have to pay fees when you lose). CTB is twisting the truth beyond recognition to claim that it somehow won this case.

    I suspect this post may be deleted by the moderator to preserve the echo-chamber nature of this forum. If there is commitment to free and informed discussion, however, it may survive. CTB, you have the courage to engage in free and informed discussion, right?

  • CTBC Director says:

    The irony of an anonymous commenter using a fake E-mail address (no worries, we’ve already tracked you by your IP address) calling for “free and informed discussion” is too rich to ignore.

    The entire (unexpurgated) history of CEW’s spurious “complaints” (both the original complaint, ruled by the judge to be “frivolous, groundless, and vexatious” as we stated in the article) along with CEW’s subsequent complaint (which was upheld by a panel of judges including one who actively participated in the political campaign opposing CTBC during the 2010 election cycle – conflict of interest, much?) has been well-documented on this site.

    In fact, the links to earlier articles were prominently highlighted in the article posted.

    From most recent to the earliest, read below for the entire story:

  • Ottobahn 9 says:

    I don’t know what Jeffco CO you live in but the one I live it has a completely incompetent bench of judges!! We lost our property to HSBC in 2010 who had absolutely NO proof of any kind, recorded or not, that they had anything to do with our property. I even had a letter that was sent to the court from the attorney from the Lender on record in county records stating so. Yet, at the Rule 120 hearing, Judge Munsinger would not even listen to anything I had to say when I begged him for a hearing for us to show our proof that HSBC flat out lied to him. Denied. Medved, who has since closed his doors (I guess lying flat out to the court and a Judge will do that) was the foreclosing attorney. They told the judge that they indeed had proof of an assignment “just not with them” in court. 8 years of litigation and a document has still not surfaced – ever. Munsinger denied us due process and allowed the auction to continue.

    So we filed a Quiet Title action and got Judge Dennis Hall. It should have been a simple case. The lender on record went bankrupt (SouthStar Funding) so we served the trustee who wrote a letter to the court telling them to grant the QT action. No assignment was recorded or even exists as SouthStar was sued by HSBC because they bought a bunch of sub-prime loans that were never transferred. I have the depositions!

    Judge Hall granted the QT action and then vacated it just hours later with no explanation. I learned later, not by any written form, that he wanted us to formally name the Trustee, even though he clearly was properly served the complaint. So we revised our Complaint to comply. We again sent thru the service process and again, Southstar themselves did not respond. We filed a Motion for Default. We waited months for something from the judge but nothing came. The judge had simply closed the case (time #1 – there were 3 additional times coming later) No ruling, no written response from the court, no notification – nothing.

    8 months later we learned what happened after being told the judge hadn’t ruled on it yet, that we should have filed a Motion for Summary Judgment and not a Default Judgment. So we did that and the judge refused to enter it into the case! He then came back saying we should have named HSBC but CO statutes state that we only have to name the parties on record and not a document exists with HSBC’s name on it anywhere. I provided the statute and he then said we didn’t have to name HSBC. More time went by.

    Then he again changed his mind and said we do have to name HSBC but I’ve already used up my 1 amendment opportunity so I petitioned the court to allow us to again amend the complaint. Denied yet somehow it still got entered into the case. We never served HSBC. Now HSBC filed a Motion to exclude them, which is what we’ve been saying all along and asked for legal fees for a Motion they were never served. Judge Hall granted it all and again closed the case.

    We filed a Motion for Summary Judgment. Judge Hall refused to enter it into the case file. He kept closing the case and not ruling either way a total of 4 times. The court never notified us of anything. We called for updates only to be told “it hasn’t been ruled on yet” after months of waiting. HSBC got their illegal foreclosure and we got screwed all the way around, including being hit for HSBC’s legal fees.

    To say we got a “fair and impartial” treatment by Jeffco courts in CO is nothing short of obscene. I was also told later that the ramifications of what I was trying to do would “open a floodgate” and the court didn’t want that so I guess allowing banks to illegally take a family’s home is OK by them. They also didn’t like me representing myself, as we’d already paid over $67,000 in legal fees only to have our financial situation ruined, getting no where.

    I filed a complaint with the proper authority that oversees judge’s behavior and they found nothing wrong. Yeah right.

    We now live out of the country. We’ve had enough.

  • Mark says:

    Last year, I read a bizarre case called “The People v. M.C.” This is a colorado case (2012 COA 64) that interpreted the Wilful Destruction of Wildlife statute as follows:

    ¶ 11 Section 33-6-117(1)(a) provides: (1) (a) Except as otherwise provided in articles 1 to 6 of this title or by rule of the commission, it is unlawful for a person:

    (I) To hunt or take, or to solicit another person to hunt or take, wildlife and detach or remove, with the intent to abandon the carcass or body, only the head, hide, claws, teeth, antlers, horns, internal organs, or feathers or any or all of such parts;
    (II) To intentionally abandon the carcass or body of taken wildlife; or
    (III) To take and intentionally abandon wildlife.

    The court said that the three subparts are all separate ways to be guitly of voilating this statute. The dissenting opinion makes much more sense to me than the regular opinion. Subparts one and two must be read together. Subpart three is the catch all.

    So, here is my question: Under subpart one, can a person really be guilty of destruction of wildlife if he takes the animal, but does not abandon it? This is like saying that the intent to commit murder is the very same crime as actual murder.

    Next: Under subpart two, can a person really abandon the wildlife if he did not actually take it? In fact, it’s not clear whether a person needs to truly posses the carcass in order to abandon it. This seem unconstitutionally vague.

    It looks to me like there is a lot of power in our judicial system with no real accountability.
    I am curious to see what others think.

  • Anonymous says:

    PLEASE DO NOT EVER VOTE FOR JUDGE Richard Caschette this judge is really arrogant he is the worst by far probably racist judge I have ever seen. This judge put a mother of 5 in jail for taking the rap for her daughter stealing yes the girl did wrong but being a mother and not wanting a criminal record for her child especially a mother who has never had a record, or got in trouble, nor the child ever being in trouble. This judge called the mother worse parent by far even worse then drug dealers, drug user’s , and all she did was take the rap for her daughter stealing. He said if she didn’t go to jail she would leave room to Breed More like her self. REALLY A Citizen who has never been in trouble who just tried to save her daughter from messing up her life with a first offense , I’am pretty sure the mother her self has gave the girl a good lesson to never steal but calling a mother that tried to save her daughter from juvi and a bad record, WORSE then a Drug Dealer or a Drug User, WOW blew my mind. What is this system coming too. Yes Breeding someone that loves there kids too much is a crime and caring what happens to our children is really bad in this judges eyes. This judge really must have never had a mothers love. Yes we need to teach our kids right from wrong and scaring them they could go to jail or have a record is pretty scary. But really name calling and throwing rocks at the mother is never a good idea especially if your suppose to be a judge. I have never seen this type of discrimination in a while. Hopefully the next mom will be a drug dealing user who has her kids stealing for her, then his term on breeding more like that will be taken to heart. Or was this a because she was Mexican American? Well we may never know but hopefully this judge wont be any higher on his horse then he is.NEVER VOTE FOR JUDGE RICHARD CASHETTE.

  • Paula says:

    So much for Colorado being a “fair” state . If you find the name Judge Michael Spears on your docket or that of a friend or loved one my deepest condolences .Do not retain. Read reviews of his below average ratings on demeaner and conducting his courtroom in a neutral manner.
    Honorable should not be allowed to be used in his title description as his actions were reprehensible and quite the contrary.Shame on you Judge Spears.

  • Gary says:

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    can understand your effort.

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