Documents and Reference Materials

Constitution of the State of Colorado

(Note: trying to link to the Colorado Constitution from the official website of the State of Colorado will get you only as far as a broken link – sad, but rather indicative of the regard for Colorado’s Constitution by our current state government, don’t you think?)

Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) – Article X, Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution

Colorado Revised Statutes (a searchable site with Colorado state laws online)

Colorado Statute on Commissions on Judicial Performance

Rules Governing Commissions on Judicial Performance

Arveschoug – Bird Limit (C.R.S. 24-75-201.1(1)(a)(II) thru (VII) – limits state general fund spending growth to 6%/year)

Office of Legislative Legal Services (OLLS) memo on Arveschoug-Bird (“general rules” overview & summary)

Do Retention Elections Work? (Missouri Law Review, November 2012)

Judicial Evaluation Toolkit (a Citizen’s Guide to judicial evaluation)