The following is a list of organizations & individuals who have endorsed the Clear The Bench Colorado judicial accountability movement.

Our endorsements (and contributions) come from other grassroots organizations, civic groups, and individual citizens wishing to restore accountability to the Colorado judiciary (particularly the out-of-control and blatantly political majority on the Colorado Supreme Court).

It’s time to bring back balance to the bench –

…by removing the few bad apples who are corrupting the courts.  Clear The Bench, Colorado!

Clear The Bench Colorado Endorsements:




Political Parties

Libertarian Party of Colorado (the 1st state party to officially endorse Clear The Bench Colorado)

Republican Party of Colorado (adopted as part of the party platform at the State Assembly with 95.87% in support)

GOP County Chairs:

  • Mark Baisley, Douglas County
  • Larry Carrillo, Larimer County Republican Chairman
  • Erich Feigel, Broomfield County
  • Andy Merritt, El Paso County
  • Athenia Michel, Arapahoe County Republican Vice Chair (“Yes, Arapahoe County Republicans DO officially endorse Clear The Bench Colorado; Dave Kerber saying otherwise, then running off to China, is extremely… disappointing.”)
  • Don Ytterberg, Jefferson County

Elected Officials and Candidates


  • Dan Maes, Candidate for Governor – endorses Clear The Bench Colorado
  • Tom Tancredo, Candidate for Governor – endorses Clear The Bench Colorado
  • John Hickenlooper, Candidate for Governor – no position (staff answering call to his office seeking endorsement hung up the phone; possibly because Mayor Hickenlooper has made more liberal use of the court-sanctioned power to impose “fees” ($5.1 Million in new Denver “fees” since 2008) rather than ask for tax increases than in any other municipality in the state

Lieutenant Governor:

  • Tambor Williams, Candidate Lieutenant Governor; recent (2010) State Commissioner on Judicial Performance

Attorney General:

Secretary of State:

  • Scott Gessler, Candidate for Secretary of State – endorses Clear The Bench Colorado
  • (Incumbent Bernie Buescher has not only failed to endorse judicial accountability, he failed to uphold due process and Colorado Campaign Finance Law by dithering on rulemaking that enabled bogus lawsuits) (“Bernie Blinks – Secretary of State fails to formalize draft rule“)

State Treasurer:

  • Walker Stapleton, Candidate for State Treasurer – endorses Clear The Bench Colorado
  • (Incumbent Cary Kennedy – co-author of the unconstitutional “Mill Levy Tax Freeze” property tax increase and the unconstitutional Colorado Car Tax (“vehicle registration fee”) increases understandably declined)

U.S. Congress:

  • Dr. Mike Fallon, Candidate Congressional District 1 – endorses Clear The Bench Colorado
  • Steven Bailey, Candidate Congressional District 2 – endorses Clear The Bench Colorado
  • Scott Tipton, Candidate Congressional District 3 – endorses Clear The Bench Colorado
  • Mike Coffman, U.S. Congressman District 6 – endorses Clear The Bench Colorado

State Legislature:

Elected Officials:

  • Senator Greg Brophy, Senate District 1
  • Senator Dave Schultheis, Senate District 10 (Retiring)
  • Senator Scott Renfroe, Senate District 13
  • Senator Kevin Lundberg, Senate District 15
  • Senator Mike Kopp, Senate District 22
  • Senator Shawn Mitchell, Senate District 23
  • Senator Ted Harvey, Senate District 30
  • Representative Kent Lambert, House District 14
  • Representative Mark Waller, House District 15
  • Representative Amy Stephens, House District 20
  • Representative Ken Summers, House District 22
  • Representative Jim Kerr, House District 28
  • Representative Spencer Swalm, House District 37
  • Representative David Balmer, House District 39
  • Representative Cindy Acree, House District 40
  • Representative B.J. Nikkel, House District 49
  • Representative Scott Tipton, House District 58


  • Kevin Grantham, Candidate Senate District 2
  • Representative Kent Lambert, Candidate Senate District 10
  • Danny Stroud, Candidate House District 1
  • Marc Goddard, Candidate House District 4
  • Ronnie Nelson, Candidate House District 5
  • Joshua Sharf, Candidate House District 6
  • Pauline Olvera, Candidate House District 7
  • Karen Cullen, Candidate House District 18
  • Robert Ramirez, Candidate House District 29
  • Kathleen Conti, Candidate House District 38 (opposing Rep. Joe Rice, author of FASTER car tax law
  • Brad Wagnon, Candidate House District 41
  • Chris Holbert, Candidate House District 44

Candidates for Other Office:

  • Jay Ledbetter, J.D., Candidate Arapahoe County Coroner
  • Dianne Holbert, Candidate Douglas County Treasurer

Civic Organizations and Community Organizers

Colorado Republican Business Coalition (CRBC)

  • Christine Burtt, President

Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT)

  • Marty Neilson, President
  • Greg Golyansky, Vice President
  • Lou Schroeder, Colorado Union of Taxpayers

Gadsden Society of Colorado

  • David K. Williams, President

National Federation of Independent Business (Colorado chapter)

  • Tony Gagliardi, President

R Block Party

  • Lori Horn, Nikki Mata, and Camille Friend (board of directors)

Tea Party Movement organizations:

9-12 Project Colorado Coalition (Lu Busse, Director)

Broomfield 9.12

Denver 9.12

Vail Valley 9.12

Windsor 9.12

Hear Us Now!

  • Brian T. Campbell, Sr.

Revive Our American Republic (ROAR)

Clear Creek County Tea Party

Northern Colorado Tea Party (Leslie Hollywood, Director)

Southern Colorado Tea Party

Former Candidates, Elected and Appointed Officials

  • William M. Banta, former State Commissioner on Judicial Performance
  • Polly Lawrence, former Candidate House District 44
  • Allison “Sunny” Maynard, former Green Party candidate for Attorney General (“I couldn’t be more different politically from the people behind Clear The Bench Colorado, but they are correct in criticizing this court…”)
  • Ruth Prendergast, former State Legislator
  • Janet Reed Rowland, former Lt. Governor Candidate
  • Bob Schaffer, former U.S. Congressman

Private Citizens – a sample

  • Paula Anderson
  • Donna Aydelott
  • Chris Davis
  • Clif Dodge
  • Jim Eckersley
  • William Eigles
  • Keith Kepton
  • Marge Klein
  • Richard Lawrence
  • Edie and Mort Marks
  • Ted Martin
  • Richard E. Poole
  • Julie Scott
  • Myron Spanier

And YOU?

(Sign up to endorse Clear The Bench Colorado with your comments, below)

11 Responses to Endorsements

  • Katherine Tomsich says:

    Finally we see independent information about judges. I never used to vote on judges because I figured they would all be retained, anyway. Courts and lawyers take care of their own, no matter how incompetent or crusading.

  • As a former judicial employee, even the employees would laugh when they received their questionaires. In some cases employees would have other employees fill out their forms. This whole process is fraught with comedy.

  • Julie Scott says:

    I heartily endorse Clear the Bench!
    Vote NO on ’em all – let ’em know they *are* accountable to We the People!!!

  • Scott Comeaux says:

    I love and support the cause of “Clear The Bench”. Could you give your opinion of which Judges, if any, you would recomemd to retain in Douglas County for this Nov election. Thank You.

  • CTBC Director says:

    Scott –
    unfortunately, CTBC has lacked the resources (funding and especially TIME) to review ALL of the 134 judges appearing on this year’s ballot; we focused on the statewide (Supreme Court & Court of Appeals) level, as presented on our Evaluations of Judicial Performance page:

    However, CTBC is providing a forum for interested citizens to share their experiences and views with a mind to informing other voters; we have collected those views and organize them into the appropriate district for ease of review:

    Hopefully you will find useful information on that page…


  • Julie K says:

    Did I miss any endorsements from the candidates for US Senate?
    I am interested in Ken Buck and Michael Bennett’s stand….!?
    I can guess, but …I did not see them in the list of endorsements.
    Seocnd, if CTBC proponents are elected, would they be willing to FIX the parts of the constitution that need fixed? Or is it sacred territory? I particularly refer to the Tabor and Gallagher amendments that tie the hands of our state budget…

  • Don says:

    Are there any judges you would vote to retain? It would be helpful to list ctbc recommendations yay or nay all on one page. Surely there is one good judge out there.

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