About CTBC

Clear The Bench Colorado is a grassroots movement to hold Colorado’s judicial branch – particularly, but not exclusively, our Supreme Court justices – accountable to the Colorado Constitution and to the people of Colorado.  Although judges are not elected to office in Colorado, they are subject to voter approval via retention elections.  Several Colorado judges – including a majority on the state’s highest court, the Colorado Supreme Court – have betrayed the trust of the people of Colorado,  neglecting the proper judicial function of upholding the law in favor of imposing their personal political agendas.

Colorado can do better – Colorado NEEDS better.

The Clear The Bench Colorado Mission:

  1. Educate Colorado voters on the importance of judges observing principles of the “rule of law” in deciding cases;
  2. Educate Colorado voters on their right to non-retain judges who do not follow these principles;
  3. Evaluate judicial performance on the basis of the Colorado Constitution, established statutory law, legal precedent, & “rule of law” principles (as a means of providing substantive information to educate voters).

Clear The Bench Colorado is an unincorporated nonprofit association under the Colorado Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act, §7-30-101, registered to serve as an action organization within the meaning of Section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code. For additional information contact the officers at info@clearthebenchcolorado.org