Clear The Bench Colorado helps Colorado voters to “know your judges” with substantive evaluations of judicial performance

As Coloradoans prepare to cast their ballots in the 2012 elections, despite being bombarded with political ads, MOST voters have little to no information on up to a third of the people asking for their vote: the 3rd Branch of government in our state, the judges.

Clear The Bench Colorado has researched and evaluated the performance of the appellate court (statewide) judges appearing on the 2012 ballot (1 Supreme Court justice, 6 Court of Appeals judges), collected inputs on district & county judges from around the state, and published this information in an easy-to-read “scorecard” format (with linked case references) as an informational resource for Colorado voters.

View Clear The Bench Colorado’s Evaluations of Judicial Performance 2012 for substantive evaluations of judicial performance – to better “know your judges” before casting your vote this year.

listen to Clear The Bench Colorado‘s Know Your Judges: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” radio spot

Clear The Bench Colorado will, with your support, continue to promote transparency and accountability in the Colorado judiciary, informing the public to increase awareness of the substantial public policy implications of an unrestrained activism and political agendas in the courts.  We will continue to work to educate voters and provide information of relevance related to the judicial branch, and to provide useful and substantive evaluations of judicial performance.

However, we can’t do it alone –  we need your continued support; via your comments (Sound Off!) and, yes, your contributions.  Freedom isn’t free –nor is it always easy to be a Citizen, not a subject.

Ultimately, though – it’s worth the effort.

8 Responses to Clear The Bench Colorado helps Colorado voters to “know your judges” with substantive evaluations of judicial performance

  • C.C. Barton says:

    Thank you for your excellent research! After searches for individual justices became too daunting, I was tempted to leave my ballot blank for the justices…until I came across your website. Good work!

  • Ron says:

    Question: What Party affiliation are the judges on the State of ColoradoJefferson County General Election Ballot November 2012?

  • CTBC Director says:

    Ron –
    Colorado judges do not list their party affiliation (officially, judicial retention is a “nonpartisan” vote, much like municipal elections).
    Even in those cases in which it’s possible to identify a judge’s partisan affiliation by research, it’s often not a reliable indicator of judicial performance – judges of BOTH parties have done well (or poorly) in upholding the Constitution, our constitutional rights and the rule of law.
    That’s why our Evaluations of Judicial Performance ( rates judges based on their performance in upholding the Constitution and rule of law; judges who consistently fail to do so are failing in their most important job qualification.

  • Kay MartinTPP says:

    How about the individual court of appeals judges for 2nd Jud Dist and County Judges?
    I soon will have the districts for my family. Thank you Matt and co.

  • CTBC Director says:

    Kay, unfortunately CTBC lacks the resources to evaluate ALL of the 83 district and county judges appearing on the ballot; we have collected inputs from various sources, but are dependent on other judicial watchdog groups, civic organizations, or our contacts among attorneys and law enforcement. In some cases, this has resulted in comments on various judges, but not in every case.
    We have listed each of the judges, by judicial district, and (where available) added those comments or inputs we’ve received on the “Know Your Judges: Citizen Input” page.

  • Dolores says:

    Hi, Thank you so much for this site. I do have a question, does CTBC evaluate the Court of Appeals? Thanks again..

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