Saturday Morning Cartoons take over Denver Post editorial board – DP editors call military veteran a “skunk” on 9/11

Apparently, the adults were away at the Denver Post editorial board Saturday morning…

While most Americans spent the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on our country in solemn and respectful remembrance of “a date which shall live in infamy”, the Denver Post editorial board used the occasion to take a cheap shot at a decorated military veteran standing up for the constitutional rights of Coloradans against an overbearing, out-of-control group of politicians in black robes.


That’s right – the puerile purveyors of pusillanimous punditry and pathetic potshots at the Post…

…called me a skunk.


The Denver Post’s editorial Saturday morning (“Nine years later, we must never forget“) dedicated almost half the print space of their 9/11 editorial to a rather juvenile personal attack (excerpt follows):

“Yet there always has to be a skunk at the garden party, and this time the role of Pepe Le Pew was played by Matt Arnold of Clear the Bench Colorado, a group that wants voters to oust all of the justices who are up for retention this year.”


Realizing that it was Saturday morning and time for cartoons and all – when did the Post editors send the adults home and put puerile namecallers in charge of the paper?

So… what prompted this stinky script?

Daring to express skepticism about Governor Ritter’s pick of Deputy Attorney General Monica Marquez to become Colorado’s next supreme court justice (replacing outgoing Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey, who announced in June that she would resign rather than be held accountable by voters this November) apparently soured the congratulatory kumbayah chorus led by the Post.

Recognizing that Marquez is no doubt a fine attorney, praised as such by her boss Attorney General John Suthers (who also earlier endorsed a “NO” vote on three Colorado Supreme Court justices), we expressed concerns that her lack of judicial experience, coupled with a pattern of taking positions directly contrary to the Colorado Constitution, formed a troubling indicator of potential activism from the bench:

Many of her positions on constitutional issues raise concerns about how she might rule from the bench.  Marquez advocated in favor of the 2003 judicial takeover of legislative redistricting authority in the Salazar v. Davidson redistricting case, argued that “fees” are not taxes in the Barber v. Ritter case (which led to the 2009 Colorado Car Tax – er, vehicle registration “fee” – increases), and has sought to restrict the 1st Amendment rights of citizens seeking to speak out on ballot issues in recent and ongoing cases.  She is also the lead attorney in yet another attempt to impose an unconstitutional tax increase on Colorado Citizens.

The Post editorial board also made knowingly false statements in suggesting that Clear The Bench Colorado has issued (or would issue) a blanket condemnation of “any of Ritter’s picks.”  Although we have certainly been critical of many of the governor’s choices, we are on record as praising several of Ritter’s picks when they have acted to uphold the constitutional rights of Colorado citizens, as many of his appointments on the Colorado Court of Appeals (apparently the highest court in Colorado which retains respect for the rule of law) have done (most recently in rejecting another unconstitutional tax increase, and earlier this year upholding the constitutional and statutory rights of Colorado concealed-carry permit holders).  Unfortunately, the solid jurisprudence of those judges is under attack (in both cases mentioned, and several others) in the activist, anti-constitutional Colorado Supreme Court.

Truly, another stellar moment in journalism at the once-proud “newspaper of record” in Colorado…

No more stench from the bench!

Exercise your right to vote “NO” this November on the four (er, three remaining) ‘unjust justices’ of the Colorado Supreme Court’s “Mullarkey Majority”- (Justices Michael Bender, Alex Martinez, Nancy Rice – soon minus Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey) who need YOUR approval to continue taking away your constitutional rights: your right to vote on tax increases, your right to defend your home or business against seizure via eminent domain abuse, your right to be fairly represented in the legislature and Congress, and your right to enjoy the benefits of the rule of law, instead of suffering under rule by activist, agenda-driven “justices.”

Support Clear The Bench Colorado with your comments (Sound Off!) and contributions – and exercise your right to vote “NO” on giving these unjust justices another 10-year term!

3 Responses to Saturday Morning Cartoons take over Denver Post editorial board – DP editors call military veteran a “skunk” on 9/11

  • Will Amos says:

    I have to object to your “cheap shot at a decorated military veteran” remark. I won’t claim to be decorated myself (just the normal ribbons from 4 years of service and participation in Desert Storm), but the fact of my service is not relevant to “shots” taken at me for my opinions, whether they’re “cheap” or not. The Post might very well be out of line to lampoon your political position on this, but the fact of your military service, which I thank you for, is not an appropriate shield for you to hide behind.

  • CTBC Director says:

    Will –
    to clarify: I’m NOT using “the fact of my military service” as “a shield… to hide behind.”

    My objection was not to the Post’s cheap shot – I’m a big boy, and the Post has attacked me in the past, and will probably do so again in the future. I can give as good as I get.

    My objection was to the Post’s using the occasion of an editorial under the headline ”Nine years later, we must never forget“ to make the attack.

    Had they taken the shot on Friday, or on Sunday, or any other time NOT associated with 9/11 (and an editorial commemorating THAT topic) – hey, no sweat.

    As it is, the juxtaposition is quite clearly disrespectful to military veterans and those who were killed by terrorists in the 9/11 attacks (and in military operations since that date).


    P.S. thank you for your service, as well.

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