Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey announces impending retirement

Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey – facing a “tough fight” to retain her office in the upcoming retention elections this November – announced her intent to retire, effective November 30th.

Many of Chief Justice Mullarkey’s decisions (joined by her colleagues Michael Bender, Alex Martinez, and Nancy Rice – also facing non-retention votes in November) expanded government power at the expense of constitutional protections of individual rights; most prominently, upholding tax increases (such as the “Mill Levy Tax Freeze” property tax increase, or the “Dirty Dozen” new tax laws) imposed without the constitutionally required vote of the people, enabling taxes to be collected under the guise of “fees” (such as the Colorado Car Tax), expanding eminent domain abuse to seize people’s property, and grabbing the (legislative) power to draw up voting districts (aided by the recent “Mary-mandering” bill).  She (and her colleagues) were frequently characterized as activist judges, legislating from the bench.

Chief Justice Mullarkey’s announced retirement does not change the fact that We The People need to finish Clearing the Bench – we must still exercise our right to vote “NO” this November on the four (er, three remaining) ‘unjust justices’ of the Colorado Supreme Court’s “Mullarkey Majority”- (Justices Michael Bender, Alex Martinez, Nancy Rice, and Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey) who need YOUR approval to continue taking away your constitutional rights: your right to vote on tax increases, your right to defend your home or business against seizure via eminent domain abuse, your right to be fairly represented in the legislature and Congress, and your right to enjoy the benefits of the rule of law, instead of suffering under rule by activist, agenda-driven “justices.”  Continue to support Clear The Bench Colorado with your comments (Sound Off!) and your contributions – and vote “NO” on giving these unjust justices another 10-year term!

10 Responses to Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey announces impending retirement

  • Mike Lucci says:

    One down 3 to go. All though I must say I really wanted to fire her ass. But like most liberty stealer s she saw the hand writing on the wall and took the coward way out. I just hope she never gets another good nights sleep knowing all of the socialist freedom property stealing she was responsible for and the lives she negatively impacted. Now lets vote out the remaining constitutional traitors.

  • Jacque says:

    If Mullarkey is still on the ballot, vote “NO!” I can just see the vote end up w/her retention and she changes her mind on retirement!!

  • Lori Hanegan says:

    Many thanks to Matt Arnold, the Supreme princess is stepping down.
    This may have been from pressure from the other three to take away the momentum. Please don’t let this happen. We must still continue all efforts to inform the Colorado voters to vote no in November. Vote no to the remaining three Colorado Supreme court justices who are up for rentention and Please – Jefferson County voters – Vote No on the retention of District Judge Stephen M. Munsinger. He is totally out of control.

  • Kenton Johnson says:

    Good work! But looks like a trick play. She retires, then Ritter appoints another activist judge. Also, will the removal of any of them be effective before or after Ritter is gone? Thanks.

  • Gary Wagner says:

    Having read Malarkey’s dissent in a case that our daughter (a pro-se defendant) won a few years ago in defending their private property from illegal seizure by Gunnison County, I found Mullarkey’s twisted logic to be totally contrary to Colorado’s Constitution. I notice that she’s retiring AFTER the election. Ouch!

  • John H says:

    What unadulterated BS. Being an unpaid lacky for big business feels good? Or you do it for a reserved seat in the next alien abduction?

  • Allan says:

    Excellent that Ritter & Mullarkey are going. I just found this site after learning of the increased vehicle registration tax. I’m currently approaching the final few months of a 20 month contracting job overseas. I tried to get my vehicle, currently in storage, registered like an honest resident and was told over the phone “sorry” by the DMV and my county clerk’s office.

    I’m disgusting with this voter unapproved cost, $100 fine, + steep registration fees on a 15 year old car that has not been driven on CO roads for two years. Hundreds of dollars to pay upon my return because I’m not currently living in Colorado? Oh Yes!

    Thanks to these crooks I cannot register the vehicle to avoid the $100 fine. I cannot leave my post of assignment (civilian contractor for US army). No family and no friends in my absence are going to replace my car battery, fix&replace four old flat tires, replace a broken windshield, inspect the vehicle, and register my vehicle.

  • Lone Puma says:

    Everyone should know by now that when you have an ungodly judge residing over the people, wickedness resides. Another truth, these judges are not only responsible to the people, but also to God! Therefore, these people have not gotten away with anything, they will give their personal account for all their actions at the Great White Thrown Judgment. Their hands and feet will be bound and they will be cast into hell to spend all of eternity in torment, in the lake of fire, for their sins against God and man.

    Take advantage of this wonderful website and make sure you follow their lead for removing the ungodly.


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