Clear The Bench Colorado Director Matt Arnold discusses Colorado Supreme Court on the John Caldara Show May 12th

Need more reasons why voting “NO” on the four Colorado Supreme Court justices up for re-election this year are the MOST important votes you can cast in this very important year for Colorado Politics?

Clear The Bench Colorado Director Matt Arnold discussed the impact of Colorado Supreme Court rulings leading to a massive expansion of government power (at the expense of YOUR constitutional rights) and vastly increased taxation (such as the “Mill Levy Tax Freeze” property tax increase, the “Dirty Dozen” tax increases and of course the Colorado Car Tax (er, “vehicle registration fee”) increase, along with the dominant role of the Colorado Supreme Court in determining the boundaries of our legislative districts (at both the State and Federal level) – deciding how YOU will be represented in Congress and in the Colorado Legislature – on the Jon Caldara radio show Wednesday May 12th.

Clear The Bench Colorado Director Matt Arnold also discussed the recent formation of a heavily-funded (but unaccountable to the public) organization formed specifically to defend incumbent judges as a counter to the growing momentum and success of Clear The Bench Colorado in raising public awareness of the issue of judicial accountability, as well as the “cheap political stunt” of the groundless “campaign finance complaint” filed by the left-wing attack group “Colorado Ethics Watch” (CEW, pronounced “sue” – it’s what they do) and the Colorado Secretary of State office’s characterization of the CEW complaint and CEW Director Luis Toro’s comments as “disingenuous” (which is a polite way of saying, “lying through his teeth”).

Listen to the podcast of the show

The Colorado Supreme Court – and particularly, the Chief Justice – exercises enormous power (”clout”) over the lives of Colorado citizens.  The current majority has repeatedly demonstrated that it does not exercise this power with restraint or consideration for your constitutional rights – ruling consistently against individual protections and in favor of expanded government power.  Upholding tax increases (such as the “Mill Levy Tax Freeze” property tax increase, or the “Dirty Dozen” new tax laws) imposed without the required vote of the people, enabling taxes to be collected under the guise of “fees” (such as the Colorado Car Tax), expanding eminent domain abuse to seize people’s property, and grabbing the (legislative) power to draw up voting districts (aided by the recent “Mary-mandering” bill) – this court is acting like rulers, with you as the subjects; re-writing the laws, instead of upholding them.

Be a citizen, not a subject – exercise your right to vote “NO” this November on the four ‘unjust justices’ of the Colorado Supreme Court’s “Mullarkey Majority”- (Justices Michael Bender, Alex Martinez, Nancy Rice, and Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey) who need YOUR approval to continue taking away your constitutional rights: your right to vote on tax increases, your right to defend your home or business against seizure via eminent domain abuse, your right to be fairly represented in the legislature and Congress, and your right to enjoy the benefits of the rule of law, instead of suffering under rule by activist, agenda-driven “justices.”  Support Clear The Bench Colorado with your comments (Sound Off!) and your contributions – and vote “NO” on giving these unjust justices another 10-year term!

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