Friday Funnies – Clear The Bench Colorado Director Matt Arnold issues correction on “arrogant SOB” flap in House testimony

From the “any press is good press” files…

Appearing Friday morning to testify against the remaining unconstitutional stealth tax increase bills that had NOT (yet) been rammed through on a party-line vote by the Colorado House Finance Committee over the overwhelming opposition of citizens appearing en masse Wednesday/Thursday (specifically, against House Bill 1195: Suspend Agricultural Sales and Use Tax Exemption (Ferrandino/Heath)), another unconstitutional tax increase on Colorado ranchers and farmersClear The Bench Colorado Director Matt Arnold may have crossed a linguistic line in response to abusive conduct by the committee chair, Rep. Joel Judd, in a story that appeared on KMGH-7 nightly news and online:

Witness calls committee chairman an “arrogant SOB”

Responding to repeated interruptions by the chair, who ultimately did not allow the witness to get back to the specifics of the bill being heard before “gaveling down” discussion and closing testimony on the bill (with a malicious, triumphant gleam), it is true that the witness… stated: “You are a rather arrogant SOB, are you not, sir,” as he was leaving the table.

Although the use of the term “arrogant” was, if anything, an understatement (by their conduct and demeanor, Rep. Judd and others clearly do not believe that either element of the term “Civil Servant” should apply to them), the use of the term “SOB” (yes, it was the acronym) was clearly inappropriate.

Clear The Bench Colorado disavows any perceived aspersion on Rep. Judd’s parentage – such was not intended; it’s quite likely that his mother is a sweet little old lady who would be ashamed at his lack of manners and common courtesy.

Clear The Bench Colorado further apologizes to all dogs and dog-lovers throughout the state – particularly the female dogs – for inappropriately associating them with Finance Chairman Rep. Judd.  Clear The Bench Colorado recognizes the foremost qualities of canines as being both loyal & lovable – attributes clearly NOT shared by the House Finance Committee chair.

In all seriousness – it is a sad statement that the media coverage of this ‘linguistic flap’ has focused NOT on the frequently disrespectful, often abusive treatment of citizens (myself least among them) who took time from their jobs, family, and friends to come down to the state Capitol to testify against these dozen distinct assaults on their livelihood, but played up the “if it bleeds, it leads” aspect of the statement by one citizen who dared speak out against the arrogance on display.

Don’t let YOUR voice be “gaveled down” this November – you CAN exercise YOUR right to vote “NO” on the four ‘unjust justices’ of the Mullarkey Majority (Michael Bender, Alex Martinez, Nancy Rice, and Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey) who need YOUR approval to continue taking away your constitutional rights: your right to vote on tax increases, your right to defend your homes and business from seizure by rapacious governments, and your right to enjoy the benefits of the rule of law, instead of rule by an oligarchy of activist, agenda-driven “justices.”  Help to Support Clear The Bench Colorado with your comments (Sound Off!), your contributions, and your “NO” vote on retaining these unjust justices!

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