“School funding by fiat?” Denver Post’s Carroll calls it right

“A powerful coalition…  is pushing to undermine democracy and the separation of powers in Colorado. And thanks to a decision last week by the state Supreme Court, it just might succeed.”

So begins Denver Post editor/columnist Vince Carroll’s latest piece in the Sunday Denver Post.  Carroll has long been one of the very few “journalists” at the Post (since his tenure on the late, lamented Rocky Mountain News) who consistently “gets it” on the flagrantly unconstitutional rulings of the Mullarkey Majority (witness his scathing editorials on the “Mill Levy Tax Freeze” decision last March).

Although we’ve been under the illusion that “Colorado had escaped the appalling spectacle of judges usurping the power of the purse from elected officials”, in reality the Mullarkey Court has not only enabled a litany of new taxes and “fees“, but they’ve been the behind-the-scenes architect of taxation and spending policy that goes beyond what even our spendthrift legislature has imagined.

As Carroll concludes, “we are one step closer to education funding by judicial fiat. By comparison, Denver’s ordeal with court-ordered busing may seem like child’s play.”

And, of course, once courts begin to make policy, it is difficult to stop.  (Excerpted from Lobato v. State of Colorado, dissenting opinion.  Emphasis added).

We are witnessing a slow-motion coup d’etat in Colorado by the Mullarkey Majority of the Colorado Supreme Court.  In disregarding the proper judicial obligation to uphold the law (NOT to make policy), the Mullarkey Court, unrestrained, is seizing more and more power. When these unjust justices rule from the bench, they really RULE from the bench…

This continuing power grab CANNOT STANDExercise your rights (while you still have them) – hold the unjust justices of the Mullarkey Majority accountable to the Colorado Constitution and the rule of law.  Exercise YOUR right to vote “NO” on retaining the four unjust justices of the Mullarkey Majority (Justices Michael Bender, Alex Martinez, Nancy Rice, and Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey) who need YOUR approval to continue taking away your rights: your right to vote on tax increases, your right to defend your homes and business from seizure by rapacious governments, and your right to enjoy the benefits of the rule of law, not rule by activist, agenda-driven “justices.”  Support Clear The Bench Colorado with your voice (Sound Off!), your contributions, and “NO” vote on retaining unjust justices in 2010!

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