“A Week in the Life” for CTBC – Clear The Bench Colorado Director Matt Arnold makes the rounds (upcoming appearances)

Clear The Bench Colorado is spreading the word (NOT spreading the wealth) around the state, with speaking engagements, press interviews, radio appearances, and a television debut (see below).  This week is even busier than most, with Director Matt Arnold attending at least one event every day.

Tuesday, July 28th: Appearing in Fremont County (621 Main Street, Canon City, CO) 6-8:30 (Speaker)

Wednesday, July 29th: At Liberty On The Rocks, Denver (Uptown Tavern, 17th & Pearl), 7-8:30ish

Thursday, July 30th: At the R Block Party event (not a speaker), South Suburban Golf Course Clubhouse (Colorado & Dry Creek) 7900 S Colorado Blvd Centennial, CO 80122 from 6:30 – 8:30

Friday, July 31st: multiple engagements –

Speaking at Johnson’s Corner breakfast event, 0630-0830 AM, just off I-25 @ 1.5 miles South of Hwy34

Attending the “Celebrate Freedom” lunch honoring Milton Friedman (12-1:30, Irish Snug, 1201 E. Colfax)

And Last Not Least: Appearing on the Independent Thinking television program with host Jon Caldara and fellow guest John Andrews for a discussion on “Voter Approval of Supreme Court Justices” at 8:30 on KBDI Channel 12 for my broadcast television debut.

Meet up with Clear The Bench Colorado Director Matt Arnold at one of these events this week (if you can catch him standing still) and learn more about the grassroots movement to restore accountability to our judiciary in Colorado.  Let’s Ditch the Mullarkey Majority (Justices Michael Bender, Alex Martinez, Nancy Rice, and Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey) by voting “NO” to retain these unjust justices in 2010! Let’s Clear The Bench, Colorado!

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