Colorado Legislature adds Insult to Colorado Supreme Court’s Injury to Voters by blocking Mill Levy Tax Freeze remedy

If Democrats in the 2007 General Assembly were devious for passing Gov. Ritter’s infamous property tax hike without voter approval, the current crop plunges to new depths.

In an act of sheer arrogance, this year’s Democrat majority poked taxpayers in the eye just for spite.

Recall that the aforementioned property tax hike increases the burden on local property owners while reducing the state’s obligation to fund K-12 education.

Recall also that Colorado’s constitution says that no “tax policy change directly causing a net revenue gain” can be enacted without a vote of the people and that this policy change increased property tax revenues by $117 million in the first year alone.

Finally, recall that crafty Democrats hinged permission for their tax hike on 174 separate, previous votes by taxpayers in all but four of the state’s 178 school districts.  Never mind that those voters were repeatedly assured by school and state officials that their taxes would not increase as a result.

Not satisfied that the Colorado Supreme Court slipped this nonsense through a previously undiscovered loophole in the state constitution, Democrats added arrogance to insult by swiftly passing a bill to now prevent any of those 174 school districts from reconsidering.

That’s arrogance, plain and simple.

However, Colorado Democrats have already proven that they will ignore the constitution when it’s inconvenient and that the state supreme court can be counted on to back them up.

 (Cross-Posted by permission of the original author, Mark Hillman.  For the remainder of the article, please click here).

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