“Shaking Up Colorado’s Highest Court” on Face The State radio (broadcast 17 April 2009)

Broadcast on the Face The State radio minute, 17 April 2009:

Is it time to shake up the composition of Colorado’s Supreme Court?

More on that in a moment on the Face The State Radio Minute.

“Everyone remembers how they voted for president last year. But how about judges? Can you even remember who was on the ballot?

Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t know the answer – the vast majority of Colorado voters pay little or no attention to judicial retention elections. Every few years, the public gets an up-or-down vote on every local and appellate judge, including the 7 justices of the state supreme court.

And that’s where things are getting interesting. There’s an effort to promote a “no” vote on four sitting justices on the 2010 ballot. Taxpayer advocates and business owners are among those upset over a number of high profile cases decided in direct conflict with the constitution. They’re lobbying for a big shakeup on the court – if voters will pay attention.

For FaceTheState.com, I’m Brad Jones.”

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